Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seeing Clearly

When we wake in the morning its always kind of fuzzy at first when your opening your eyes.It takes a little while to focus.You may wake to a beautiful sunrise or it may be a cloudy,stormy morning.Do we always see clearly?Our eyes were a gift from God,something precious to treasure.He also paved the way for us to see,not just the picture through our eyes,but His. He gives us a vision.He wants us to see others,situations,and love through His eyes not our own.Its hard isn't it?Many times we see only what we want to see,and others we can't see past ourselves.We just can't get ourselves out of the view long enough to see whats really there.We often judge people with our eyes.What they look like,the things they have done,the way they are living.We often dont see the whole picture,we just see glimpes,maybe what others have told us,and just maybe we see ourselves through others eyes.That one can really hurt.You can see the truth about someone in the eyes.To see clearly we have to get out of the way,take our objectives and toss them out the window.We need to see what Christ sees.We look at situations in our lives and we want others to see our way.It doesn't work that way.The only way that is true is Gods way.He will help us see clearly if we will only allow Him to.Its always easy looking at others and passing judgement about things we really dont see clearly.We dont have the whole view.When we lay down at night,when we go to Christ we have to ask Him to show us the way because He sees the path clearly,He knows the direction we are suppose to take.Its our decision if we choose to follow.Some look at the world through goggles,some look through tanted glass, some look with hurt in their hearts,some look for what they can gain,some look with condemning eyes,some look at the world like they are the center and nothing else matters except how they feel and the things they desire.Our eyes can be deceptive unless we are seeing clearly with Gods love,compassion,forgiveness,and honesty.Before we look to others we must first wake up and get all the gook out of our eyes,maybe put on your glasses,but the mirror never lies.We must first see ourselves before we can see others.Do we wake with the love and forgiveness of Christ in our hearts?Do we wake with the passion of Christ and want to see what He has in store for us?Or do we wake and just can't seem to see past ourselves?Its not about us,its not about me,its all about Christ,and seeing His vision He has placed in our hearts.To see it,we have to want to see it.We have to stop looking for what others have done or are doing,and take care of our own vision problems.Some have glasses so they can see clearly,some have surgery to correct their vision.Some turn to Christ,as we all should to see clearly.We could be blind,and the Lord could still lead us,not through our eyes,but His..Maybe thats it.We need to leave the blinders on,and stop trying to see so much through the worlds eyes,and just let Christ see for us,and take His lead.


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