Thursday, April 30, 2009


Since I have began blogging,it has been an amazing journey,and still is.To hit those keys with your fingers and just watch them move totally amazes me still as I sit here today. I will write something,sit back and check it,and say,"Wow,where did that come from?" It's like watching someone else work,and your looking over their shoulder. I give all that glory to God.If I don't come to my blog and write for a couple days,I will sit back and read my own stuff,and its like for the first time.You Know that is God moving when that happens.When a friend will point out to you,Um,go read this one from you blog,at it will help you out of this rut.I'm not naming any names,but she knows who she is! I started looking at other blogs,and I have been amazed at how beautiful they are,and how the words just touch you in a special way. I found a site that gave many christian blogs,so I began looking,and wow,there are alot out there,and so many words spoken of Christ and what He is doing in the lives of so many people.I have been blessed to read them,to be encouraged by them,and to learn from them.God speaks through others. If we pay attention,we can see Him everywhere. So I want to say thank you to those who read my blog,I would love to know who all of you are. I want to say thank you for all those others who have been writing,and sharing with everyone,you have touched my heart many times. I am thankful for writing,for words,for getting to share Jesus with others. I hope there never comes a time when we are not able to share and learn from each other for uttering Gods name. It is awesome to be part of such an amazing adventure with others who love to do the same....Blessings


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