Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it really my life?

When we say,or hear others say,"Its my life and I will live it how I want",is that really a statement we can make if we are christians?I have to say no.Its not our life to live how we want.Christ gave us life,He died for us,and He lives inside us.Our lives are His to give and His to take.Do we not owe our lives to Christ and live each day for Him?We get so caught up in ME,ME,ME,or I,I,I.We put alot of me's and I's in our conversations and in our lives.We need to replace those with Christ. We get so caught up with what we want and how are we going to get it,that we forget what Christ did for us.We forget the only reason we are here is because of Him.Christ bore my cross,He bore my pain,and He got on that cross because He loved me so much,He was willing to give all for me.I owe Him myself,I owe Him my life.He chose to save me,I cant do that alone.My life belongs to the Lord who gave Himself to set me free.He can't make us live for Him,or make the choices He would want us to make.We have our freewill to chose as we please,but the only reason we have that is because of Christ.We need to stop placing I and me in our sentences and replace it with Christ.He should be in our everyday conversations,He should be what our lives are all about.


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