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A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

I'm a fan of Ted Dekker. Love his work, but I can tell you that this novel is his best yet! I didn't want it to end. Once I began reading I couldn't put this masterpiece down. It stuck with me. During the day I imagined the desert. At night in my dreams I followed Mavia and dreamed of Judah, the love of her life. This book is simply riveting! It's engaging and captivated me. You might say it took me hostage. 
I didn't want it to end. I turned each page in the last chapter knowing that it was coming to a close and I just wanted more of this story. Yes, this is the best novel I have this year, maybe in many years! I'm not sure how I'm ever going to wait until A.D 33 comes out. 
This story was beauty in every way. Dekker brought out each character perfectly. He gave us just enough and then gave us room to use our imagination. I love that! 
When I opened this book and read the words of Ted Dekker and how he wanted to experience God in a new way I knew without …

"Surprised by Love" by Julie Lessman

San Francisco here we come! I am loving my visit here with each new gem Julie adds to this series. Once again she delivers a romantic love story that shines faith through and through. 
The Characters are those in which we can relate to. They are not so far out there that they are unreachable for the reader. Julie is gifted in bringing the reader into the story and weaving it so that the reader isn't just upfront with popcorn looking at the big screen, but making us feel like we are a part of the story. 
I have loved this journey with the McClare sisters. With each story Julie allows us to better know each sister, but still interweaving the sisters in the story-line. We not only meet them once again and catch up like old friends, but we too meet new friends. 
What I love about this story is how the characters plan their lives in the way they see it should go, but find out that God has other plans. When we leave God out of the planning things tend to get confusing and we lose track of …

Lord, Please Heal My Friend and Bring Justice for Donnie

What do you say to your friend who was forced to say goodbye to her son much too soon? She didn't know that the morning of September 12, would be the last time he would ready for school. This is forever a morning she replays in  her mind every day. This horror caused by five reckless and irrational people, who chose to act selfishly, changed the life of this mother forever. 
As many of you know, my friend, Bobbie, lost her son, Donnie, to the actions of a drunk driver and his four friends, who were racing after getting off of work.(You can read, My Letter To My Friend, Bobbie.) 

Nothing is the same. Life has changed forever. My friend is broken. Her heart has been ripped from her chest. She feels an emptiness she never knew could exist. She now needs God as never before. But how does she even begin? She wants to move forward, but her heart doesn't want to leave behind yesterday. A mixture of emotions that doesn't add up. This kind of pain cannot be measured. There is no sca…

The Wonderful Gifts of Winter by Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrations by Katherine Blackmore

I LOVE Christmas books! What a wonderful way to snuggle in with our little ones and enjoy some cuddle time together. This book makes for a great start to being grateful during this winter season. Not only is the story precious and fun, but our children are introduced to scripture. 
The illustrations are bright and fun. Even though it may be cold out this book is an invitation to a loving warmth of our God who gives us each and every season to enjoy. 
"God created everything- Summer, autumn, winter, spring. See what winter blessings bring... Thank You, God, for winter."
I'm a winter loving girl, so this is perfect for me to share with my grandchildren. It invites children to experience winter. To see all the wonders of winter as treasures from God. 
This is one for all ages to love. In the back of the book there are a few ideas that you can share with your children. Like making a snow mobile. This is one that is certainly fun!
I encourage you to check out, "The Super Gi…

The Donkey In The Living Room by Sarah Raymond Cunningham with illustrations by Michael Foster

What a sweet book Sarah Raymond Cunningham introduces us to. She shares with us what could be a new family tradition to share with our children for years to come. 
I am reviewing the book. With the book you can purchase the box set which I would highly recommend. Your children and grandchildren will love this idea!! 
Sarah begins with sharing that this is a sweet family tradition that she was gifted with as a child. This book is to be read each day nine days before Christmas. In the box set you will find wooden treasures that will help tell the story. 
9 Days Before Christmas- Mary, Mother of Jesus 8 Days Before Christmas- The Donkey 7 Days Before Christmas- The Cow 6 Days Before Christmas- The Sheep 5 Days Before Christmas- The Shepherd 4 Days Before Christmas- The Angel 3 Days Before Christmas- The Camel 2 Days Before Christmas- The Wise Men 1 Day Before Christmas- Joseph, Father of Jesus Christmas Day- Baby Jesus
With each wooden figure, you could wrap them as a gift, and hide them in your home…

Can you see her?

While shopping you always see one girl that stands out. One girl that seems to be searching for that perfect thing. There is always one girl, walking about, with her shoulders curved and her make up dark. If you look close enough you can see her pain. You can see the burden she carries as she walks.
It is almost as though she walks silently through each aisle. She picks up each item, just touching, never purchasing anything. She searches the aisles for that one thing to make her smile, but nothing seems to fit. Nothing is the right color. Nothing is the right size. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
She dreams as she looks around at the other shoppers with bags full and laughter echoing. She watches other families as they shop. You can see her watching them, wondering, "What is it like? What is it like to have a mother like that? To have a sister like that? To carry a little brother on your hip?" She doesn't say anything, she just simply watches, wanting and in search of someth…

Where Treetops Glisten by Tricia Goyer, Cara Putman, and Sarah Sundin

When you put three outstanding writers together to write a Christmas novel you are going to get one unputdownable!! Grab your cozy quilt and your favorite drink. These ladies ROCK! They are all at the top of my favorites list of writers. 
I must share that I have read every book penned by Sarah Sundin. I just read Shadowed by Grace, by Cara Putnam, and one of the best series I've read to date is Tricia Goyer's WWII Series: From Dust and Ashes, Night Song, Dawn of a Thousand Nights, and Arms of Deliverance. These ladies stand out among historical writers. 
First, I love the cover. The cover means a great deal. It creates in the readers mind what to expect and with these ladies you expect nothing less than great story writing. Get ready to travel back in time to WWII. The history and romance in these stories is going to warm your heart and give you an opportunity to count your blessings. 
Here we have three stories in one. White Christmas, penned by Cara Putnam, I'll Be Home…

Between Us Girls by Sally John

I have read a few novels penned by Sally John. I learned that she is a truly gifted writer as I found myself lost in her novels. Desert Gift, Ransomed and Heart Echos, are the three novels that I have read by Sally John. Some of the best novels I've had the pleasure of reading. 
Between Us Girls is the first in a new series.  This is a much different read than what I have experienced from Sally John. This is a more laid back, beach read. An easy afternoon read. One that you can totally absorb yourself in and forget all the hustle and bustle of the day. 
Casa De-Vida is the place to be. There are many characters to keep up with, but John does a great job at allowing us to get to know each of them. Some peek in the story while others make a deeper impact, but somehow John makes them all connect and brings a terrific read. 
I love the idea of a place a refuge. So many of these characters are in need of something, and here at Casa De-Vida they find what they are searching for. Friends…

Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson

Jan Watson writes easy. Her words flow like sweet honey. On a blustery, overcast day, pick up a book penned by Jan Watson and you are off to another place and time. A place that you are sure to enjoy. I have had the pleasure of reading a few of Jan's novels. She is just a downright refreshing writer. The cover is what caught my attention. Exquisitely beautiful. I just had to find out more about this girl on the cover. I'm so happy the cover was so inviting. 
I must share with you that Jan's novels follow one another. All eight are a part of a series. Reading in order is going to be a HUGE blessing. Yes, you could read this novel as a stand alone, but reading it in the series gives you a better understanding the characters. You fall in love with them as you learn more and more about them.
Her stories are set in Lexington, Kentucky. A bit before WWII. That gives you a sense of the time period. I love where she took the characters in this novel. Seems the main character, Maz…

The Legend of St. Nicholas written by Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

Christmas stories warm the heart. Reading with our children and grandchildren is a cherished gift. Anytime we can place a book in a child's hands it gives an opportunity for their imagination to travel to another place and time. 
The illustrations are beautifully done. The colors are bright and inviting. Richard Cowdrey is  talented at giving the reader a magical portrait of the scene. 
I love how the story begins. A young boy and his dad off shopping for the family. That's tough for children and if we are honest, even tough for adults at times. We have a pocket full of money, but instead of purchasing for others we see something that catches are eye and would just as soon spend the money on ourselves. 
As the young boy selfishness is jiggling his coins in his pocket he overhears the story of St. Nicholas being told by a store Santa. This story changes the young boy. He has a greater understanding of giving. And now begins the story of St. Nicholas. 
This is one of those treasu…

The Legend of the Candy Cane written by Lori Walburg and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

I love Christmas stories. I loved reading them as a child. I loved reading them to my children and now I am blessed to read them to my grandchildren. What a treasure it is to snuggle in tight and open up a book that takes a child's imagination off to wonderland. 
First I must share that the cover and the illustrations are wonderful. I felt they captured the story beautifully. Some may call them old fashioned. I call them magical. After all, this is a book about the legend of the candy cane. 
This was is a sweet story. When I opened the first page the the store keeper reminded me of Robin Williams! So, with that image, my imagination took off. I could almost hear him telling the story. Love when that happens!
A mysterious man rides into town and is the new owner of a store. Everyone is curious, but no one knows just what the store will be. Everyone is watching and waiting. A little girl gets the first glimpse. A candy shop! Every child's dream. I really loved the idea of her helpi…

the Study Bible for Women HCSB Chocolate Genuine Leather Indexed

Friends, this is the most beautiful Bible that I have ever held in my hands. It is exquisite inside and out. This photo is of the box the Bible arrives in. It is beautifully wrapped as well. This Bible is chocolate genuine leather. This copy is indexed. The pages are a soft blue and a creamy flesh tone. There are subtle designs through the pages. They are not at all distracting, but most inviting. I love opening this Bible. 
I encourage you to click on any of the links so you can go directly to the page at B&H Publishing Group so that you can download a sample of this Women's study Bible. Once you see for yourself you will have a greater understanding of the beauty of this Bible. This study Bible comes in many forms. You can purchase it in paper, hardback form, and it comes in many different colors just perfect for you. 
I am speaking a lot about the beauty of this Bible. Inside and out it is absolutely impressive in every way. This is one that will last a lifetime. The leather…

Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller

A Story of Hope, Love, And Christmas Miracles. Now, who doesn't love to read a novel that contains all that and more! I know, it's a little early for Christmas, but this is one I had to choose. The cover beckoned me.  I'm a forever kind of Christmas girl so even the title spoke to my heart.

Robert Tate Miller takes us on a Christmas journey the heart will not soon forget. This is a novel that ponders the thought of second chances and just what if this was the last Christmas we spent with the one we love. 
Some might say it takes the theme of, A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life. This isn't exactly a faith themed book. Faith isn't shouting off the pages. It's gently speaking to the soul. This could easily be a Hallmark movie. It has that kind of theme. It speaks to the heart. We see these characters in a transparent way that makes them vulnerable and easy to love. 
We are often in a rushed world. We put things off. Mostly people. And for what? Our drea…

Deceived by Irene Hannon

I love this Missouri girl! Irene Hannon gives the reader a true gift. Here's another unputdownable for sure! She invites you to join her characters in St. Louis. The Missouri weather is atrocious in the summer and Irene hits that perfectly with humidity. That might be a small detail to you, but for me, a Missouri girl, it's huge. I get to connect with these characters by totally relating to them sweating too death! She not only mentions Starbucks, but my favorite mall! She involves the reader by sharing details of the area that you feel as though you are right there in the moment of danger. 
"Deceived", is the third book in the, "A Private Justice Series". Now, you could read this as a stand alone. You could easily just pick up today and enjoy it, but it is a series and if you begin with, "Vanished", and move along to, "Trapped", you are going to get the full benefit from reading an Irene Hannon novel. She ROCKS!! 
Check out my reviews of,…