Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today as my son came in the house he brought me a gift from his childhood,dandelions.When my children were all young,I must have been given thousands of these little yellow beauties.They would happily go out and pick a handful and bring them in and place them in a small mason jar just for me. These are the same little gifts of love that I picked for my Mother.What is a weed to some,was a gift of love to me.Some get big bouqets of flowers on Mothers day,and all throughout the year,and I too have gotten some amazingly beautiful flowers,but the best of all,the most meaningful are those little yellow ones,picked by hand and carried to me by my little ones.They come to you with such a look of love,that only a child can have for their momma.I wish I could have saved them all,for the joy they brought to my heart.Even though they cannot be saved,I carry them all in my heart,where all of my gifts live. When your child comes to you with a open hand,and says,"Here mommy,I picked these just for you," nothing can be more precious. You know you are loved when you are handed a gift of little love flowers.


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