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The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz

Every once in a while an exceptional book comes along and you know before you open the first page that you are about to be extraordinarily blessed. There's just some books that you know are going to leave an imprint on your soul, widen your perspective, challenge you to dive deeper in the Word, and encourage you to walk closer to the Lord. 
Anne Graham Lotz is such a gifted woman of God. One of the best books I've ever been graced to review is, "Wounded by God's People". (Take a peek at my review). This book is so powerful and aided me in healing and gave me such a deep perspective of my circumstances. 
The Daniel Prayer is very similar in how I feel after closing the last page. Anne is so transparent. She shares of her own life. She shares stories that truly leave you pondering. I love how personal she is. But what I love the most is that she never strays from the Word. The Word is the message . She is gifted in not only touching the heart, but getting in there…

Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar

This is a beautiful story that will intrigue you, open up your senses, move you emotionally, and allow you to ponder the story behind the women who had suffered for so many years with an issue of blood. 
It was the cover that caught my attention. Then reading the description I knew this was an adventure I wanted to take. Back in time to the life of a woman who I think we can all relate to in one way or another. 
I have always loved this story. I have written many times about this Biblical account of this women needing such healing. A woman strong of faith and one emboldened and empowered by her Savior. 
Tessa Afshar is a new writer for me. I was not disappointed. I have found another gifted writer. I love being introduced to new writers and Afshar is one writer who will leave an imprint on your heart. She pens beauty and brings our imagination to life at what life could have been like for this woman. 
You may find yourself in Elianna's story. Guilt and shame blanketed this beauti…

Sins of The Past by Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason

Okay, a novel containing three masters at their craft all in one book! I have read everything penned from Dee Henderson and Lynette Eason. They are faves in the suspense genre, so I knew to only expect amazing reads from them. Dani Pettrey believe it or not is new for me. I've heard her penned works are amazing, but I have just not had the chance to review for her. Wow!! Turns out her novella was my favorite!!
I was instantly hooked with the intensity as Dee Henderson's, "Missing" began. It started fast paced and I was with the main character, John, the entire length of the story. Love the premise of this story and also the connection between John and Sharon. Dee is an artist when it comes to giving detail for the reader to imagine as if they are weaved within the pages having a front row seat. She is gifted at bringing out the best of each character and allowing you to truly care about them. 
In Pettrey's novella, "Shadowed", I couldn't read fast …

Dependency on God

There are times we feel God asking us to share our story, but being transparent is difficult, isn't it? It's hard to share where we struggle. I mean how will people respond to our journey? Well, we have to get to that place of obedience, right? If we hear our Lord asking us to share, He knows the value of our story, because He is so intricately weaved within it. 
Twelve years ago I was completely crumbled under the weight of something happening to me I didn't understand. I was living in total fear. Many midnight visits to the ER with what I would later know as migraines and panic attacks. At the time I had no idea what was happening to me. I just knew I was dying, living in fear of the next one hitting. 
These migraines would last anywhere from two days to two months. I didn't have the classic migraine. Nope, I would have every kind of migraine under the sun. Panic attacks would slam me out of no where. Mostly at night I would feel trampled in fear. 
I would go many m…

Sister Dear by Laura McNeill

I was excited to be receiving this new novel by an author I had not yet been acquainted. I always love being introduced to new authors.

This novel is published by Thomas Nelson. I'm not quite sure why one would find this novel in the Christian section of the closest book store. The main character speaks of God, but it never goes deeper than that. One could question what god she is speaking about.

This novel is fast paced. One in which each chapter is devoted to a character. Allie, Emma, Caroline, and Sheriff Gaines. I love the premise of the story. Allie is falsely accused of a crime and placed in prison. Emma her sister, raises her daughter, Caroline. Sheriff Gaines enters the story and we see bits of pieces of his life unfold. The story flows easily until the last few chapters. Then it speeds up and I felt like each chapter kind of just fell off the page with no more detail of the circumstances the characters were facing. With that being said, I never really connected to the ch…