Monday, August 23, 2010

What a dance it has been

"She spins and she sways to whatever song plays without a care in the world
And I'm sitting here with the wearing the weight of the world on my shoulder's

It's been a long day and there's still work to do

She's pulling at me saying, 'Dad, I need you, there's a ball at the castle and I've been invited and I need to practice my dancing

Oh please, Daddy, please.'

so I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with Cinderella

I don't want to miss even one song

Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight but I know the truth is the dance will go on."

"Cinderella" Words and music by Steven Curtis Chapman

Our little Cinderella will wear a gown and walk the aisle, looking more beautiful than ever. Our baby girl will take her daddy's hand and walk to another.

Those days where she danced, blew bubbles and looked to us with those big, blue eyes went so very quickly. It seems like yesterday she was walking on our toes and now she is in love with a young man who will walk with her through life. A life I pray that is rich with blessings. A life that is surrounded by love and one that stands firmly on the faith she found as a little girl.

I feel as though we have shared a beautiful dance. Now, she will dance to a new song, and a new hope.

She has always danced to the beat of her own drum. She can light up a room with just a smile. She is strong and people just seem to connect with her everywhere she goes. She is a friend to all her meet her. You catch that smile, those beautiful eyes and you hear her laughter that just makes you light up with joy.

From Barney and Popsicles, dresses and bows, she has lit up our lives in a way we never thought possible. We have watched her take her first step, her first swim, and her first quick peddle on her bike. We have watched her fall, slip and slide. Now we will again watch her take another step, a step of love after to a young man she dreams of standing next to her whole life. We will watch her dance a new dance Saturday, August 28Th. A day she has dreamed of, planned for and will forever remember. We stand proud as her parents. I am honored to be her mother, her momma. For all the changes that may come, that is one that will always remain. I will always be her momma. Her daddy will always remember her sweet hand in his and her giggle that made him grin. His heart will always remain there with his daughter, carrying on with his love of a little girl he fell in love with right from the start.

We raised our daughter with love, but more so, I think our daughter grew us. As she continued to grow, we too grew right along with her. Where there were mistakes, forgiveness blanketed those wounds. Where tears once fell, laughter takes over with a joy that has always remained strong. Life is not always easy and through it we can choose to move forward or stay behind. With Whitney, you must move forward. She loves with her heart and lives in the moment. She is the girl you want to dance with. She is the girl who will steal your heart with just one look.

As some girls carry beauty on the outside, her beauty begins within and flows out through her life. She doesn't just dream, she chases those dreams with a determination that will only allow her to soar.

It is my hope that she knows just how loved she is. It is my hope that she can always look back and see us there every step of the way cheering her on. Only heaven knows the prayers that her life contains. Prayers of joy, peace and love. Prayers of health, happiness and a life filled with purpose with Christ as the center. If there is one who can change the world, it our baby girl. I know the Lord has big plans for this woman. This woman who once graced our lives in little shoes, blue dresses and laughter. I pray the laughter continues as she begins a new life on this day.

Lord, keep Your hand upon our baby girl. As she dances, watch over her, keep her safe, protect her and smile upon her life. I pray her dance continues and others dance with her even as the music has stopped. Thank You for blessing us with a beautiful daughter who taught us how to dance.


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