Monday, August 23, 2010

LOVE, CHARLESTON by Beth Webb Hart

This is the first of the books I have read by Beth Webb Hart. I must say it is was the cover that grabbed me. Here you have a woman opening the windows into a new, beautiful light, casting her eyes across Charleston, South Carolina. This book takes you into the heart of Charleston where the characters are deep and so very real. I was able to relate to each character as their lives are revealed to us through these pages. We meet Roy Summerall who is trying to move forward with his daughter after losing his wife. Life is just not the same, but Roy is trying to find his way through. He is the Reverend at Good Shepherd where the folks are right nice and cheerful. It is where he calls home, but the Lord has new calling for him. He is now called to a new church in the heart of Charleston, where the people are quite different and to him, he thinks there is a big mistake. Is he ready? Is he willing? Drama? There is always drama isn't there? We meet Anne, who is waiting on love, Alisha, her cousin, and Della, her sister, who all have a story of their own to work through. Anne believes she heard God telling her to wait in the bell tower for love and it would come. When God says, "Wait", that is exactly what we should do, even though waiting is not always easy. We see the lives of these three ladies unfold as they intertwine in this beautiful town of Charleston. I must say, this book started out a bit slow for me, but it one with a rich characters and soon grabbed my attention. By Roy moving into a new church, how will these characters collide? I think you will be surprised. Beth Webb Hart has a way of bringing the story together and leaving you longing for more.
This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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