Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LOL WITH GOD (Devotional messages of hope & humor for women) by PAM FARREL and DAWN WILSON

Today we instant message everyone. Today everything is fast and easy. We can reach anyone at any time by just a few quick movements of our thumbs. In this fast pass we live in are we making room for God? He is there to receive our messages, are we here to receive His? This is a fun and quirky devotional you will enjoy if you love texting. If you are not, you will learn the lingo and much, much more. This is great for young women, teens, and yes, even us in our forties and older. This book adds laughter to our hearts and a deep message to carry each day. We tend to leave the humor out, but I think God would enjoy a little humor in our lives and trust Him enough to just find pure joy. You will find that in this devotional. This is even one of those books you could use for giving lessons to your Sunday school class or a young teen class. It is a book we can relate to in this world of speedy messages and those LOL's we love to add on to our messages of love. This one is just one that leaves you with not just love, but hope throughout the day.
Feeling tired, stressed or disconnected with God? In this devotional, authors Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson, provide real-life stories mixed with a splash of humor and an encouraging word from God to help women get through often hectic days. Joy from God, unlike the fleeting happiness of the world, transforms the soul and helps to heal frazzled, broken women. A cheerful heart is still good medicine (Proverbs 17:22), and women need it in mega-doses! There will always be a need for humor to cheer our hearts, and when that humor is paired with powerful truth principles from Scripture, women will be revived and refreshed. To make it fun, the authors have taken Scripture verses and made them into text messages similar to those you might see on your cell phone.
This book was a gift from Tyndale for it's review.
Pam Farrel is a relationship specialist, international speaker, and author of over 25 books, including the best-selling Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti. Formerly a pastor's wife and director of women's ministries, Pam is now president of Seasoned Sisters. Pam and her husband, Bill, write a column on relationships and are frequent guests on shows like Focus on the Family.

Dawn Wilson is the founder and director of Heart Choices Ministries. Writing and speaking to women of all ages, she encourages them to make wise, proactive choices that will change their lives, increase their fruitfulness, and glorify God. Her blog, Heart Choices Today, and monthly newsletter, Choices, Choices, Choices, motivate and challenge women in their marriages, parenting, finances, ministry, and personal growth.
As a freelance writer and researcher, Dawn assists author and Revive Our Hearts radio teacher Nancy Leigh DeMoss; writes for a prophecy-focused television ministry; and serves as communications director for Seasoned Sisters—Pam Farrel's national ministry to women over age 40. Dawn worked 11 years for the nation's largest Christian newspaper, Christian Examiner, and continues as a freelance journalist. Each Sunday, Dawn teaches a women's class at Shadow Mountain Community Church near San Diego. The joy of her heart is writing curriculum to help women grow in their understanding of the Christian worldview and how to apply God's truth to their lives.
Dawn and her husband Bob founded the leadership development organization PaceSetter Ministries, and she travels with him in international ministry. They have two married sons and three granddaughters. She loves chocolate, cherry pie, her dog Bailey, and red convertibles.


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