Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I received this beautiful Pitt Minion Reference Bible in brown goatskin leather from Bethany House Publishers. It is an ultra thin bible. The paper is ultra thin, smooth and opaque. The words of Christ are in red. It is easy to read and easy to hold. This beautiful Bible is just the right size to carry to church or along on a trip and even in your purse. This would make a wonderful gift Bible. This is a classic. A Bible that will last a life time. It is compact, but easy to read. I was so excited to receive such a lovely Bible. It is one I will carry and cherish forever.
The first Cambridge Bible-an edition of the Geneva Bible-was published in 1591. As the oldest Bible publisher in the world, iwth an unrivalled tradition stretching back over four centuries, Cambridge has a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

This Bible was a gift from Bethany House for it's review.


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