Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's got your number

Ever exchange numbers with others in hopes of hearing from them, only later finding out they are never going to call? We often carry with us the numbers of others who are important to us in our phones, and we just down those numbers of people we meet that we hope to connect with later. I have many numbers stashed in my phone and tucked away in a notebook in my purse. I am one to always forget numbers, where my husband never forgets one. He is like a living phone book.
I know being younger and giving your number to that really cute boy in hopes that he would call is something we have all done. You find yourself waiting and waiting by the phone. Every time it rings you are rushing there beating your mom to phone in hopes that it is him calling. But then you go another day, and another with no call to add to your heart.

The sweet day I met my husband he took my number. I knew at that first glance he was the man I was to marry. My mother thought I was nuts, saying, "Honey, you probably will never hear from him again." Only I knew I would. I knew without a doubt he would call. And sure enough he did. It was through those calls, those letters, and those dates that months later we found ourselves getting married to hear the voices of one another forever.

There are those times we forget to call others back. We lose track of time, and we also lose their numbers. I have misplaced many numbers, hence that it the reason for the notebook in the purse. (And people wonder why my purse is so big)

My husband is waiting for the phone to ring in hopes of that job God is calling him to. I soon, next week will be on the phone on that I will be interviewed by Julie Gorman. Now, there is a call I never thought would happen. Aren't those the calls that are the most fun? Those that we least expect, that come just at the right time when the Lord has opened up that line.

Is your line with Him open today? Is is cluttered with other calls and unimportant tasks? Our line with Him should be open all the time. It is that line that is my lifeline for the day, and for the moment. Remember Regis on Millionaire? I can hear him asking now, "Do you want to use a lifeline?" I do. I am need of Him today. He is that lifeline that has all the answers and will lead us through any difficult question. If we do not know, He is your go to Guy.

Even those in jail get one phone call. Let me tell ya if I was in jail(And I hope I never am), but if I were, and I had one call to make, it would be one important call to someone I know was going to be there. Someone who is going to answer, and someone who is going to be there to help me out. The problem is, those around us will fail us not meaning to. Our family or friends will not always be there when we really need them the most. I have been in situations where I really needed to talk with someone and they didn't answer. I have tried to reach my husband, and his phone is on silent.

There is One who will always answer. He will never let it even ring twice. He will pick up on that first ring ready to listen, and to give all He has. Whether in the midst of a busy day, the quiet of the night, He will never cease to answer. He will not lose your number, nor will He replace it with another. He has got your number!

I have friends who hate talking on the phone. I have friends who love texing. I have others who love to write as I do. Jesus doesn't need technology to keep Him up and in the know. He is already there, and He sees all, and hears all.

Do you remember that game as kid where you would start a conversation and go around with it, and by the time it got back to you it was twisted in many different ways? When we go straight to Jesus that will never happen. Our conversations will never get lost with Him. And on those late nights where sleep is failing you, He is there all night to listen.

There is no long distance call for Him. We can call collect and He is right there on the other end ready and waiting. In fact, He is waiting for you to answer His call. He is waiting for you to pick up today and answer. I promise when you answer His call, it will be the most important one you pick up. It will be that call that changes your life forever. It did mine. My life has never been the same since I answered. And now, it is His call that I can't wait to hear from each morning.

I keep my phone with me at all times because of my mother. I have to be ready just in case she needs me. That is Jesus for us. He always has His phone right there waiting just in case, and even in those most glorious times when something grand happens, He wants us to call Him first and shout praise to Him. In the midst of the tears that fall, He too wants to be there to wipe every tear away through the whisper of His voice.

So, whatcha waiting on? Can you hear Him calling? He has a special ring tone that sounds like no other you have ever heard! His call is "Off the hook". It is His call that can "Hook you up"!
John 10:3-4 "To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they his voice."
Romans 10:13 "For whoever call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."


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