Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can I help you with that Sir?

If you have ever been over the skies and traveled on an airplane, you know the baggage claim area very well. Although this girl has yet to be in the air, I do know a little about carrying baggage. As do you.
We all have baggage. We all try to carry all of our baggage at the same time. I know when I go grocery shopping for my mom and bring all her goodies home I always try to carry everything in at once. Which drives her crazy, but I am thinking, I can just do it all in one trip. I need to have that same attitude with the baggage that I am carrying. I just need to pick it all up and drop it off at the baggage claim of Jesus' feet. I don't need to go back and check it and see how it's doing, or if more has piled up. I just need to leave it, pray and trust Him.

See, He is standing there asking, "Can I help you with that Sir?" I can hear His words, but I ignore them, thinking I got it, I can handle it all, so I continue to carry it all. But that weight gets heavy, just as my mother's grocery's. Your arms get full and you soon are overcome with stress, sickness, anger, bitterness and those accessories that go in our bags.

I know this part, because I was there a few months ago. As we have gone through such struggles, I began feeling as though no one cared. No one reached out, no one was helping, and no one even noticed anymore. But one day I heard Jesus say, "I care." And that is enough. His love is sufficient for me. His care is sufficient for me. His provision is sufficient for me. And all those who I thought didn't care? They did. They were praying, and others were reaching out. I was just stuck listening to Satan say, "No one cares about you. Look around. Who do you see?" If we listen to Satan long enough, his words will drown out all others around us. We all have baggage we need to let go of. See, the thing is we all have baggage, just whats in your bag is different from whats in mine. The load is still the same. Often we try to hide our bags. Put when someone is carrying a heavy load you cannot hide that. You can see it in their eyes, in their face, and in the way they are walking. Ever try to hide yours and put on a smile? It doesn't work. I am learning that trying to hide all I am carrying makes it worse, not just for me, but for those who love me. If you are carrying a heavy load today, don't hide. If we were all honest about our baggage it would be easier to let it go don't you think?

Those baggage claim folks stand with smiles on their faces, wanting to help. We often think we can handle it better, and we want to be in control of our baggage. But see, they are standing with smiles because they know how to care for all the baggage. It is their job. Jesus is standing, waiting to take your baggage so you can be free today. Do you remember what freedom really feels like? For me, it has been a long time, but I am getting there. I am learning to give my baggage to Him, and trust Him with all the dedicates, all those little things you are afraid to let go of.

I never have control over my baggage, and when I think I do, when I try to carry it all, you know what happens? It gets heavier. I get more weighed down, and I begin looking at the down at everything instead of looking up to Jesus.

Whatever you are holding onto today let go of it. Free your hands, your shoulders, your heart. It is such a sweet release to lay it all down. Jesus will handle all the details. That baggage claim ticket your holding? You don't need that anymore. Throw it away when you lay your baggage down, turn around and don't look back. Let your baggage get lost forever in Jesus.

Maybe today your baggage is taken care of, but you have a friend carrying a load. Reach out and help them release their baggage. They don't have to transfer it over to your shoulders, but together in prayer, in sharing, in taking time, you can release it together.

Can you see the drop off point? Run there with your bags. Run there with all your carrying, and drop it off. When we totally trust in Jesus we find ourselves in a sweet time of prayer, of communication with Him. When we allow ourselves the hope He gives, it frees us to life. There is no other freedom like the freedom in Jesus. Seek Him out today. He might not be wearing a baggage claim uniform, but You will be able to spot Him a mile away.

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

Proverbs 18:19 "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe."


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