Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wow, she's what?

Ever hear from another, "Wow, can you believe she is pregnant?" Another may chime in with, "Wow, she's not even married!" I was one of those girls when I was twenty-one having my first baby. I was twenty-three when I had my youngest daughter. Yes, thought I was in love, but this girl was not married.
What is amazing and a blessing to me is this: While I was sinning, while I was having sex outside of marriage, outside of what the Lord asks of us He still chose to bless me with two beautiful baby girls. In the fact that I was not in His will, He still chose to bless. That speaks about who God is and all about His love for us.

A baby is never a mistake. A baby is made by God's loving hands and is a blessing from Him. Babies are beauty and wonder all packaged into a tiny bundle of joy.

When I was growing up I did not grow up in a Christian home. My mom went to put me on birth control when I was fifteen, just in case. Well, what do you do with that just in case? Its your okay to proceed. My mother is beautiful and taught me from her heart of all she knew. I remember hearing from family, "You should never marry a man until you live with him and really get to know him." Now, am I making excuses? No, even though I didn't know the Lord, He knew me. And all that time I was living for me, I could feel a tug, I could feel something pulling me higher.

It wasn't until I met my husband and he shared Jesus with me that I fully understood what that tug was. It was the Lord calling me to Him. Showing me there is a better way. But through my poor choices, He chose to bless me, and bless He did. I couldn't have two more beautiful daughters.

There are times even when we do know Jesus that we make poor choices. But if not for the grace of God there go I. I cannot judge another for their choices, for I could very well be there the same. My poor choices are just different ones at the time.

Every woman should understand it is not meant for us to have sex before marriage. I can now see that so clearly. God wants to protect us from poor choices. He sees what is ahead for us. He knows the path in which He hopes we chose, but sometimes we chose to go our own route. For me, in that route is where I found Jesus. I found Him in my precious girls. I seen His beauty in them them. He showed me His grace when He extended His love even though I didn't deserve it.

We must leave our pasts right where they are. We must leave our poor choices and know that He has a greater way. For every precious child He has a plan.

His love carried me through those times in that I didn't know Him. It was like He was courting me, calling me, and whispering sweet love to me. It just took me a while to understand what that call was.

But as Christians we are called to love all. We don't have to agree with the sin, the poor choice, but it is for us to accept with open arms those who have taken the same steps I did. When others see this acceptance, our open arms they see Jesus and His love.

It is in our poor choices that we find grace. It is that grace that sets us free and through Jesus we are free indeed!

We are to be an encouragement to others. We are to lift others up and accept those around us just as Jesus accepted me that day in church when my feet moved as He spoke straight to my heart. He met me where I was at and I am so thankful.


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