Wednesday, March 24, 2010

where is your passion?

As I sit before this computer again today I am filled with the promise of hope. It is a hope that draws me nearer to Him. He is at work in me today. Many of you know I am an aspiring writer of my own novel some day, but the journey getting there is a long one.
As I take this journey of writing I do so with a passion that Christ has instilled in me. There are mornings I sit here for hours, and nights when all others are sleeping just writing and sharing from my heart. There is something sweet in these hours of writing that I spend with me and the Lord. In all this writing, He is growing me. He is opening up my heart to new ideas, and taking fears away that have held me back for so long. He is showing me glimpses of Him through each line I share.

In my life I have those who inspire me, and those who encourage me. My husband is one of those. Reading is not one of his favorite things in life. He does not share in my passion, but he shares in me.

I have heard many times from others, "Are you getting paid for all that writing, and all those book reviews?" I have heard from others, "Wow, you spend all that time for nothing?" Do you ever just want to shout at someone? I want to shout out to the world, "Everything is not always about money!!" When we lose our passion we lose our self. I did not begin writing to gain monetary claims. I am not writing for the world, for my family, or friends. I am using the gift the Lord gave me for Him and His glory alone. It just so happens that as I write He is growing this girl in many ways. See, its not really about me at all. Not even about my desires. Its all about Him and this beautiful passion He has placed in my heart.

If I sold a book tomorrow and made millions, wow, I would be excited, but again, if I wake up tomorrow with this same passion and write only for my Savior, then this girl is even more excited! I gotta say, I don't want to lose my passion in the midst of chasing money. I don't want each word to only exist for my gain. Nothing I do is for my gain. All that is in me, and all that I am becoming is of the Lord.

What passion do you have? Are you living in the passion that the Lord has given? Learn to listen to Him, and not those around you saying your wasting your time. When we choose to follow the Lord, there is no waste, there is only gain for His glory. Within your passions, if you are able to touch one person then it is all worthwhile.

Life without passion is not really life to me. It is that passion that drives us, that sets us apart, and moves us in the direction of the Lord. In that passion we find beauty and we find stillness in the quiet love of writing with just you and all those words you must share before your eyes close for the night.


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