Monday, March 22, 2010

WATCH OVER ME by Christa Parrish

What a sweet sweet read this was! We have our police officer who is a vet of the war, a hippy, who he has fallen for, and a deaf boy who come together in this novel and that grabs our hearts. Deputy Benjamin Patil finds a baby left for abandanment out in the woods. This precious baby girl is not wanted by one, but is wanted by Benjamin. He comes home to his wife Abbi, who is not so excited about having the little stay with them. Abbie is going through struggles of her own as she battles an eating disorder she is still trying to find herself in her faith and she is lost in her marriage wanting and needing and not really understanding how to share with Benjamin. As they bring the baby home, thinking on adoption, Abbie's heart becomes stirred and she learns to love this little one pulling her heartstrings. In the midst of their lives, we meet Matthew, who is living with his aunt, is deaf, and is not really wanted. He is living with dialisis. He is in need of a kidney and in need of finding his father he has never met. His search becomes less the need of a kidney and more of the need of knowing his father. This young man is so very smart, and is full of love and honesty.Within these characters I could relate even though I have not been through their trials. Christa knows how to bring us right there in their living rooms, in their emotions, and place them in our hearts. She brings all these characters together in a unique way. We see through this story how God is growing them and that is a beautiful sight to witness. As the little one comes into their lives, they name her Silvia, and we find Matthew helping out. They are becoming a family, but God has different plans before them. Little Silvia has a daddy who wants and needs her, so we see them go through loss, but see this young man come to gain in this tiny baby girl. Although the picture changes for them, healing begins and God shows them the way. We see Benjamin heal from the dreams of war, and we see Abbie grow out of herself and learn to open her heart. I loved this story, each and every chapter filled my heart with hope. Matthew grabbed hold of my heart and will remain there as a gift of hope.

This book was a gift from Bethany House Publishers for its review.
A past winner of Associated Press awards for her journalism, Christa Parrish now teaches literature and writing to high school students, is a homeschool mom, and lives near Saratoga Springs, New York. Visit


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