Friday, March 26, 2010

slow down and laugh

Its funny how plans change so quickly. Today is my husband's 50Th birthday. The big 50! We were to go out to dinner, but plans changed as his brother needed to go to the hospital. As my husband left I too left with our son to go and do my mother's shopping for the week.
When my son and I go out for the day we almost always laugh and have a great time. Today was one of those days. As we are in the store gathering more yarn he is dancing and singing in the aisle. There are those moments I join in and just let lose, but today I was trying to focus on my tasks while he was pestering me. The clerk kindly smiles and asks, "Awe, how old is he?" I almost laughed. It was like I had my toddler saying something cute and she took notice, but as I looked at her I whispered, "He is almost 18." She smiles again, and says, "Oh, just let him play and have himself a good time, my sons are in their 30's and they still cut up and laugh." Of course he liked this idea, and you know after a moment of thought I did too.

We seem to take life much to serious at times. We forget to laugh and enjoy the moment we have. We find ourselves looking around making sure no one sees what we have just done. But does it really matter? If we are having a great time laughing innocently I believe the Lord takes joy in that. I am sure He laughed with His closest friends and they might have had jokes between just them.

As my son is going to turn 18 I know there are changes to come. I am not sure I am ready for them, but the Lord will help me get there. He is helping me get to the place where I can just let go and have fun. Laughter fills the soul. Laughter puts life in our hearts and a bounce in our steps. It brightens the day and fills lonely nights.

As I was coming inside this evening from walking Daisy I looked under the deck and something caught my eye. It was a little blue car. From all the rain we have had this little blue car must have washed up from being buried. See, my son use to bury his cars outside in many places where he played cars. In the places where he found laughter I had the gift of watching him grow. Seeing this little blue car reminded me of just how fast things change and how we must jump in and enjoy the moment before it is gone. Knowing me, I will leave that little car there for as long as I can, just as with all those other little areas in our home that are still the same.

It is hard to see change come and even harder to let go. But in doing so we find a new way of life. We find a life filled with living in the moment and never taking one single day for granite.

May you laugh today as I did watching my son. May your life be lifted up by laughter around you. Praise Jesus for laughter. Praise Him for each moment we have had, for the ones we are sharing now, and those to come. Seize the day took on a whole new meaning for me today. How about you?


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