Friday, April 23, 2010

its moving day

Ever think about moving? We have, and its a hard decision to move, to leave behind all that is near, knowing what to take and what to leave can be heartbreaking. I think of the disciples when Christ called them to join Him, they left behind everything! They didn't take one thing with them. They didn't take their favorite books, their favorite clothes, or pack up all they had in a u-haul and take it with them. They trusted in Christ enough to know who He was, and that following Him is all that mattered.

When God changes us, and asks us to move, it doesn't mean others are going to follow us. We place our faith and trust in Him and Him alone. People will let us down, but the Lord will never leave our sides. When He calls us to move He is the One who does the packing. What of the disciples family, their friends, those who knew them well? Did they understand their moving? Did they follow too? When we change and grow closer to Christ we always want others to be there with us, and that doesn't happen.

We are all on different levels of knowing Him. It takes great faith to follow Christ knowing you are going to leave other things behind, but Christ always knows what we need, and what we need to leave behind.One of those things He calls us to leave behind is our past. Our pasts are forgiven, and He doesn't want us to go backward, He wants us to forever be going forward with Him. If there is something holding us back, we need to let it go, and trust in the Lord.

Today, I look back at my past, and praise the Lord He has removed those desires I once had. He has replaced them with His desires. It is my greatest hope to follow Him and not look back anymore. I want to keep all those desires I once had in the past, but Satan is always there trying to dig them up and bring them with me as I travel each day with the Lord.

As the Lord forgives my sins, I know by His promises they are remembered no more, so is it that I still remember and carry them with me? If I still have my head in the past, I can't move forward as the Lord is calling, I must let go of all the past. If there was a stumbling block there yesterday, today I must remove it.When we walk with the Lord there are always changes, even when He is asking us to be still, He is working behind the scenes to bring new things to the forefront.

As we all go through different trials, they change us. It's like each trial was the right dose of medicine we needed to overcome, to strive for more, to be healed, and in some cases to learn to let go and let God.Acts 20:24-"But none of these things move me;nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God."Nothing here on this earth is more important than our relationship with Christ. Nothing can separate us from our Savior, and those things that are pulling us, tugging us to go a different way must be let go of.

Moving is hard for us because we like comfort. We like things a certain way, and when they change we are not sure of what to do. Things of this world will come and go. One day you may have much and another you may find yourself with little. But with God, little is much. I need to find myself content with only Him. I need to live my life to please only Him. Before I can please my husband, my children and those around me, I must please the Lord first. Even then we will have others walk away from us that do not understand. Jesus Himself had brothers and sisters who did not agree with Him.

As the disciples walked with the Lord there were those who mocked them and criticized them for all they did. Who did they think they were anyway, following Jesus? Did they think they were better? As a Christian we can't allow the voices of this world to get us down. Family and friends will not always understand the changes you are making. When we leave the past behind, we must also leave behind every stumbling block that will cause us to lose step with Christ. Let moving day be the day you see Him more clearly and the path He has before you.

Don't just leave all those boxes full of your stuff and past on your lap, allow Jesus to take it for you. Just wait and see all the new exciting things He has in store for you!As we are on this walk, do not grow weary if you do not have others standing by your side, for you have Jesus and in Him you will find all you need.

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