Thursday, April 22, 2010

one sweet son

If there was one word to describe my son I would have to say giver. He has been a giver all his seventeen years. From the moment he was born he gave joy to this mother and to his daddy. He was our child that almost did not make it. But God had bigger plans for him. My son was three months early. I was barely seven months pregnant when he came. Although they had tried to stop his early birth three other times, this fourth time I went into labor there was nothing they could do. As my heart rate was dropping so was his, and things were getting dangerous very quickly. He had taken a bowel movement while in the womb, and this is not a good sign. Our room was filled with ICU doctors and nurses. As soon as he was born he was swept away in a rush. As tears soaked my cheeks, my husband ran to be with our son, which is just where I wanted him. I didn't get to see our son until the next day. Those few hours were frightening hours I pray I must never endure again. The feelings of fear wash over you in the midst of not knowing, and it was a waiting game. Praise Jesus our son was okay. He was as green as a cucumber, but he was safe. Even at barely seven months he was almost eight pounds.
Today he stands at 6'4, blond hair, and blue eyes and is the most giving young man I know. I have been a blessed mother of two beautiful daughters who have enriched my life and the mother of a son who has brought an amount of joy to my life that will continue to bless me for years.

Our son is the son who gave all his toys away. He would share without being asked. He would give anyone anything he had, and still yet today he is a giver and a servant. Most boys his age back talk their mother. He never does. Most boys his age are only concerned with themselves. He isn't. He is more concerned about those around him than himself. He is the young man who would give his life for another without thinking twice.

These two years that my husband has been laid off were not only hard on us, but hard upon our son. He too felt the pain of loss. Many weekends he stayed home because he didn't have money to go and do things his friends were doing. My son has never been to a party. Has been on one date and he will graduate this month. He is the young man who is never late, and always calls to let us know just where he is. He is the son who is full of respect for his parents who raised him and gave him love. He is there to help his father cut wood, to do the outdoor work and when I ask him to do chores inside, he is there with a helping hand. When I am sick and too tired to move out of bed, that is where we did our school, all wrapped up, surrounded by books. He is that friend you want by your side. He is that young man who stands for what is right. I love to see him hold a door for a woman or man. This once little boy who shared his trucks, now shares all he has. Whether he is coming in or going out he forever carries a smile, and what a smile it is. Someday, some young woman will be blessed to call him her own, but for now I pray he continues to find his way and keeps growing in the Lord.

For those who think my son is a flirt, they don't know how wrong they are, for he is only being himself. He grew up in home full of girls. Three sisters and all their friends. He grew up treating young women like young women, with respect and honor. My son loves to laugh, and chat. He has never gone anywhere where he did not have a friend. He can have a conversation with anyone, young or old alike. He loves history and loves to hear his grandfather tell stories of the old when he was a boy.

He cares for his grandparents. He does shopping for them, cleans for them, mows their yards, anything they need done, he is there to help in anyway he can. He is a giver.

When hard times hit we often think of the things we do not have, but Jake is here to remind us of what we do have, and that is a home filled with love. He knows hard times, and has been through much. When his brother and sisters moved on to their own lives he had to adjust. Being the baby is not always easy, and for him, he has missed his brother and sisters more than anyone really knows. I think he would just about give anything to have them right down the hall again.

He loves church, Sunday School and Awana. On those days when I didn't want to go to church, he was the one to say, "Come on Mom, you might miss out on a blessing." He fishes like his grandfather, until he runs out of bait. Oh, he would be so very proud. I am sure they would be inseparable.

I have had the honor of teaching my son since kindergarten. Wow, what a ride that has been. To see him go from writing, "Jo Jo" on the back of my headboard learning to write his name, with his little blond head bobbing up and down, to writing me a card on Mother's Day to share his love for me has forever filled my heart until my cup is running over.He still brings me flowers to fill my vases full. We never realize just how fast these years go by until our son is looking down at us as we look up to say hello. He once sat in my lap every night reading his favorite book until he whispered,"Love you mommy" and fell asleep. Now as I lay in bed reading my favorite book, he never fails to say, "Good night Mom, I love you" as I close my eyes to sleep.

He has always been a hugger. He still wraps his arms around me, only now he picks me up as I scream for him to put me down. He fills our home with laughter and love. He is a son I could not be more proud of. This month I will hand him his diploma with tears streaming down my face. I could keep sharing about this extraordinary young man, this young man who is my son, but just saying he is a giver explains so much more. His heart is filled with mercy, and his arms are wide with love. The Lord did good when he made my son, wrapped him with love and care, placed him in my arms, and forever changed my life. I praise You Lord for my son. I thank You Lord for giving me a gift of love. For as I have watched him grow, You Lord, have grown me up. As I try to be his example, he has been mine on more than one occasion.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for him, but I do know its something great.

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  1. What a glowing and beautiful tribute to your son! This is just wonderful! I am not sure if I have ever read something so extraordinary from a parent about a child?

    I cannot wait to meet Jake!


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