Friday, April 30, 2010

favorite spot

Is there a favorite spot you love to be? A spot where you just want to go all the time? A place where you just get giddy when you know your going? A place that makes you feel special and warm?
I have a few of those spots, but one place is the library. (I can now hear one of my friends shaking her head, thinking, ugh, that's the last place I want to be.Lol) But we are all different aren't we? She would get just as giddy going into a craft store as I would walking down the aisle of purses.

I love how God made us all different and unique. He cut each of us by a different cloth, but we all have the same brand name. "Made by God". Don't you just love that?

As we each have that favorite spot to go and relax, laugh or just explore, it makes us feel something special inside.

I can go to the library and smell the books and think I am in heaven. I love just feeling the pages and running my fingers over the cover and author's name. I know much work and creativity went into producing that work I now hold in my hands. So that means something special to me. I might be the only one in the world that loves the library that much, but if I am God placed that spot within me. Just as He placed His God Spot in me. That spot where only God can go. That spot where only God can fill it up.

Just as if your sitting down and the waitress brings you a cup of coffee and she says, "Fill it up?" As you relax you want more, you need more. The same should be with God. We should want to be filled up by Him and only Him.

Oh, and that giddy feeling? Well, every time we think about spending time with Him we should feel giddy inside. We should feel home, excited, and it should be a place we want to be. The more time we spend there, the more we love it. The more we want to pick things up and look at them, examine them, and run our fingers over the cover, soaking in each word, for we know what went into placing together these beautiful words to fill us up.

Meeting with God should be a time that we love so much we want to tell others to go there. When others look at us, they should already know we are headed some place exciting. Others should see a glimmer in our eyes as we are heading there.

Too many times we can be on the highway and look across and see a family who is so unhappy. You can see it in the looks upon their faces, the way they are reacting and talking shows if they are happy to be in that car or not. I have been going places where I really didn't want to go and it showed.

Our God Spot is that place we go just to be washed by God. I love that spot and I love even more that God gives me that spot and He is willing to spend time with me. What a joy to know we have a Savior who wants to spend time with us, and when we do, what a blessing it is.

I also love the zoo, the art museum, and The Muny. I just get down right giddy inside when I know I am going. If I am honest, I am not always so excited to be spending time with God when my flesh is calling me. Oh, cause my flesh knows my number and just when to call. It tends to call just when God is and which one do you think I pick up first? Too many times I head to my flesh instead of heading straight for that God Spot.

Although we struggle day to day with our flesh, we can make a choice to push it away and move in the direction of God instead. So where is that place you love? Where is that place that just brings a smile? I hope one of those places is your God Spot, cause that's the best place to be.
Psalm 100:4 "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name."


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