Thursday, April 29, 2010

so many blessings

I must say I am one blessed woman. As Mother's Day nears I find myself over joyed, simply over joyed. My husband is working, and not just working but at a company he loves and they love him. My youngest daughter is planning her wedding for August, and preparing to earn her Nursing Degree. My son has graduated and we will be planning a celebration for him. My oldest daughter is about to find out if her little one is a boy or girl, and is moving into a new home, as is my daughter Whitney is building her dream home. My mom is feeling better and my health seems to be improving. Lets just say I am having more "Feeling Good Days" than "Feeling Bad Days".
For the last two years as we have moved through our trials of unemployment, the Lord never ceases to provide our needs. He is forever right where we are loving us through everything. Just as today we were about to run out of everything He supplies a check. A check that we were waiting for, but He knew just when we needed it the most.

Through Face book I have come back into contact with my sweet cousin, and our relationship has just blossomed like we never lost contact. She is an amazing blessing added to my life. We have shared stories and find that we are just so much alike.

I have been surrounded by new friends I have met that seem like we have known one another forever. I have met them in the most unexpected places and the the Lord knew exactly when and where our paths would cross. When you can connect with another who shares the same passions as you, the Lord has something spectacular intended. There are no consequences in this life. God has everything timed perfectly for His gain and His glory.

I have Daisy, who lights up my life daily. I never knew a little dog could add so much to one's life, and she certainly has mine.

My husband is now walking with his head up, his spirits are high, and there is laughter again where stress had taken control of it before.

Life is certainly not perfect, but God is always perfect in life. I am learning whether things are going the way I would like, or the way God has chosen for my life, I can smile, I can know without a doubt that He is always there through those times that are easy and a breeze of fun and He too is there when the road seems too long and I am weary for the ride.

Some of my new friends and I will probably never meet in person, but when two Christians come in contact to say hello, there is no good bye, for one day we will meet face to face right along with our Savior to introduce us. Does that just not make you smile?

Can you imagine as we live each day we really don't know who or how many people we impact for Christ, but one day we will get to meet all those who have been blessed my our lives and we by their lives. That will be like the biggest serendipity day ever!!

So today, yes, I find myself excited about life. I find myself more in love with my Savior today than yesterday. For each day I see more and more of His blessings. It is through those times our family has experienced trial that I see God at work in more than just our circumstances, but our lives. For He is more concerned about us than the circumstances we are in. Circumstances change from day to day, sometimes moment by moment, but our faith should remain strong, for we have a Savior who loves us.

When I get down all I must do now is say, "I am Robin Prater, daughter of the King of kings, Lord of lords. I am a Royal Blue Blood." When you repeat that over in your head all else falls into place right under Jesus. Even when we have seemed to lost all we have Jesus and He is all we need. I am so thankful I am at the place in my life right now that I fully understand being content in Him. Knowing that He alone completes my life makes each day more meaningful. Knowing that each day is a gift makes them brighter. When we wake, its like we are unwrapping a gift from Him. A gift of life filled with grace.

So, this Mother's Day means more to me than others because I have witnessed the Lord at work not only in me, but my entire family, and for that I am forever grateful to the Lord. God is good, and on this day all glory goes to Him.

Lord, I thank You, for my husband, my children, my family, my friendships, and for everything that has come in our lives. For with everything that has come I have never ceased to see You right there in the midst of things, showing Yourself, and blessing those You love.

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  1. Robin,
    An absolutely beautiful post that is uplifting, encouraging, blessing those who read it, and has Jesus smiling down from above -- cuz He is so in love with you too!

    Thank you, Jesus, for my new friend, Robin. She blesses me greatly each day and I am so grateful.


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