Monday, April 26, 2010

the journey of "Faithful Feet"

A while back I discovered the Max Lucado Community. You can find it also at
I joined a group headed by Nathan Haddock called "Blog Blog Blog". As I began to know more about this group I began connecting with them more and more. It is a group where bloggers can get together, join in prayer, conversation and growth about blogs and life.

I was asked to join in on "Faithful Feet" and become a writer along with others to bring glory and honor to the Lord. I can share with you in just this short time this site has been such a blessing to me. I am not only sharing, but learning more each time I read a post. With each post you not only get a glimpse of who that person is, but you see Jesus clearly through them. You can find "Faithful Feet" at:

There are nine of us writing as of right now and I would love to share their names and the current blogs they too write at. I find many blessings within these gifted writers blogs and I know you will too.

Haelie Pellegrin Heard

Jim Pokorny

Nathan Haddock

living for God

Mimi B.

Peter McMurray

Lisa Pilewski

Ron Heasley

You can find our LIKE page on facebook and join in with us for this awesome ride the Lord is giving. I am so excited to see where He is taking us!

I just wanted to share these amazing people with you who are on fire for the Lord, who are willing vessels for Him and are making a difference in my life also. I just want to say, "Thank you all for adding blessings to my day and making new friendships to last forever.

So come on over and share with us your thoughts, your heart and join us in for the ride.


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