Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can't do that, are you kidding?

I am such a wimp. Really I am. I like things to be easy with no stress attached. But life is not like that at all is it? We can just keep rolling through life just doing the easy stuff, but is that really living? Be all you can be, you can do it, just do it, are all sayings to let us know we can. If you are like me something big comes along and you look at and say, "Um, no, not this girl." But when we say no, we are missing out on opportunities to see just how big God is.
When something big comes along we can either close our eyes to it, pass it on to someone else or we can grab it and watch God run with it! He doesn't call upon us so we can do it all and wear a crown of glory saying, "Look at what I did." He calls us knowing we cannot do it alone. He calls us knowing with Him we can do anything. Phil. 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Nothing is too big for God.

When we are willing, open vessels for Him big things will happen. We will not only get to see Him work, but be involved in His work. What a blessing to be called to help God bring others into His kingdom.

God can move through us at any time or point in our lives. He moves in ways others see His strength. I remember being in the hospital for my second surgery on my wrist. (Softball injury) Yes, this girl was pumped full of drugs, but I knew how bad the first one hurt, and how I hated therapy. I said to my husband, "I can't do this." He looks at me and says, "Yes you can." I did, I made it through the surgery and went through six months of therapy. Painful therapy where they pushed me to the limit. As I sat there pushing through the tears, I found a strength I didn't know I had. It wasn't my own, it was all from God.

I can share many circumstances where I have gone through much pain, and know it was the Lord who brought me through. He not only calls us to do His work, but through our lives He calls us to show others who He is. When I was going through therapy three times a week I got to know those who worked with me, and I was able to share my faith. They knew there was something different and I knew it was all God.

When He called to begin writing, I cannot tell you how many times I told Him I cannot do that. And I couldn't, but wow, has He moved through me. I sit back at times with tears, looking at the words before me, and think, "Wow, that's awesome God." My words are not my own, they all come from Him. And may He always forever gain glory from my writing.

Whether He has called us out to the fields to do missionary work in Africa, or to be a witness to those right here in our area, to be in children's ministry, to work in a field we have no experience in, to write, to reach out, or to live through a trial, He will equip us with all we need and more. Once the project is finished or the trial has passed we will be able to give testimony to God for all He has done and is doing.

He will call us to do the impossible, for in our own flesh it may be, but with Him, nothing is impossible. Have faith, trust in Him and believe. He is God and there is nothing too big for Him!

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