Monday, February 18, 2013

There Is More! by Randy Clark

It's rare for me to have a hard time with a review, but this one that has given me a struggle. It's rare that I don't enjoy a book. This too would be one of those times. I tried to get into this book. I wanted to enjoy it. Most assuredly, I wanted to learn from the penned words, but it left me wanting.

"There Is More" is a book about impartation. I found that the first chapter is the only chapter that delve into the explanation and definition of impartation. I kept waiting for him to explain more. I wanted Randy Clark too lead me further into the Word of God, but I was left there at that first chapter wondering. The words after the first chapter are mostly about Randy Clark and his beliefs about impartation. He shares about his ministry Global Awakening. We get to hear from those who have been at Randy Clark's revivals and have been touched with impartation and they share their testimonies.

Why did I have a hard time? It was that this book was mostly Randy Clark's opinion. I felt as though I was following Randy Clark instead of the Lord.

Let me be honest. I know about being filled with the Spirit. This happens at the moment we accept Christ as our Savior. When we accept Christ the Holy Spirit is alive and living within us. He guides us and calls us to move. For this Baptist girl, I struggled with Randy Clark's words.

With this being said, you may pick up this book and be totally blessed! You may have found what you have been searching for to help you along in your journey with Christ.

The cover is amazing. The title is captivating. There is more, but what I found was that after closing the pages of this book I had more questions than answers. I was a unsettled as I read these pages. For me, to bring about a bright note of this book is the fact that is has me diving deeper into the Word of God for answers.

This book was a gift to me from Chosen for my review of, "There Is More!"

Randy Clark is the founder of Global Awakening, a teaching, healing and impartation ministry that crosses denominational lines. An in-demand international speaker, he is the leader of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and travels extensively for conferences, international missions, leadership training and humanitarian aid.


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