Monday, February 11, 2013

Take It All In And Find A New Freedom

I hate wearing my glasses, but if I want to see what's in front of my face I better keep them on. If not, I'm going to miss out on something. Something big! Our vision is a beautiful gift. One that we take for granted. Have you ever tried to just close your eyes and go about your day? Even just a few minutes is difficult.

I always take Daisy out for a late night walk before I finally crawl under the quilts. The cool night air feels so lively. It wakes me up from my sleepiness. I look up at the night sky and I'm in awe of God's vast wonder. The stars have always captivated me. Even as a child I would go outside late at night and just star gaze. Lately, they capture more of my heart than ever. I look up and I can't possibly take it all in, so I bend my neck and lean my head back as far as possible.

There are times I whisper to God. Not sure why I whisper. Maybe in the quietness of the night there is a peace I don't want to disturb. I utter the words, "Beautiful, Lord. Just beautiful". The clear night sky takes my breath away. In it's completeness there is a new trust in God that I find. If the Lord can possibly place each star in the night sky and captivate mankind, there is nothing impossible for Him.

I find a grace that goes beyond anything I could possibly do on my own. A mercy that tenderly blankets all. In the night sky there seems to be a right that corrects all wrong. Yes, within the vastness of the stars I find a sure strength. This is what my heart desires. To see God and to know Him. It doesn't matter what I have faced during the day. I can spend a few moments or hours outside and I feel the Lord's gentle guidance telling me that He has it all under control.

It's like I look up in the night sky and I want to share it. I wait to see a shooting star. I ask for God to show me one. But there the stars are. Strong, steady and permanent. Another sureness from God. You know, on these nights I just want to wake up everyone and say, "Come. Come see what gift God has given us on this night." There are times I call my husband when I know he is driving miles away from home. I ask him if he sees it. He always replies, "Yes, it's amazing". To know that miles separate us, but we can look up at the night sky and be connected as if we were there together brings comfort to this wife's heart.

I feel so small in my whisper. Tiny among the bounty of stars. It's as though I can reach out and touch them. I feel that way with the Lord. So vast and so big, but so available to me. He makes me want to take everything in. In all His glory I want to reach back as far as I can and absorb all of His majesty. Yes, that's it. It's like God is saying, "See, My child. See, what I have created just for you?" It's an intimate time for me. Just in those few moments God does a wonder in my heart.

So, this is where I am today. I am bending as far as I can to see all that He has for me. This God chick who is forever in awe of the God who creates wonder. In the scheme of the night sky everything seems so small. All the problems that I think are huge at the moment seem to fall into place. The worries that take my sleep captive seem to disappear and find peace. My heart finds a God who is bigger than any Goliath that enters into my world. He is bigger than anything Satan throws my way. The night sky says it all. How can one look at the stars that cover the heavens and not see a mighty God?

I don't want to miss out on anything. I want to be focused. I want everything to be in perspective. If I'm not careful I forget all the promise the night sky holds for me, and I get taken captive by one thought that drowns out all the rest. It's terrifying to me how the wrong thought can hold me captive. Fear steals away peace. 

Friends, stretch beyond yourself. Get uncomfortable. Remove yourself from the circle. Step out of the doldrums and see the opportunities of glory before you. Don't allow this world to destroy your sight. Get focused. Breathe deep. Live out the life before you with God vision.

"He is the God of limitless resources-the only limit comes from us. Our requests, our thoughts, and our prayers are too small, and our expectations are too low. God is trying to raise our vision to a higher level, call us to have  greater expectations, and thereby bring us to a greater appropriation."  A.B Simpson

"But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God's love, keeping your arms open and outstretched, ready for the mercy of our Master, Jesus Christ. This is the unending life, the real life."
Jude 1:20-21


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