Friday, February 1, 2013

The Runner by A. Wayne Gill

I didn't know quite what to expect when I picked up, "The Runner", by A. Wayne Gill, but I am pleased to share with you that I sincerely enjoyed it. Michael Knight is the kind of guy everyone wants for a friend. He's a preacher's son, football player, and a dreamer. He has the perfect girlfriend and a family who supports and encourages him.

Michael's family and girlfriend have an idea of what they want and expect from Michael. They have almost lifted him to stand on a pillar. Of course, no one can meet everyone's expectations and the dreams that our family hold for us are not always what we have in mind.

What I enjoyed about this novel was the very fact that Michael didn't hit those expectations. He goes off and shoots for his own dreams. This Christian kid learns that it isn't what his family expects from him. It's not at all what a girlfriend dreams of having with him. It's not even his own wishes, but what matters most is the plans the Lord has for him.

Michael takes a dive and hits bottom in a world that sucked him in with deception. It is so encouraging to read a book where life isn't perfect. We see God's grace and mercy weaved into this novel. Redemption comes to all who embrace the Lord and see Him for who He is. Our Savior.

The characters of, "The Runner", are real. Michael comes from a family who too must learn that the Lord works outside of our wishes and He moves in our lives when we are ready to except that those we love are not perfect. Family and friends will make mistakes, but we are to be ready to forgive and embrace those we love dear. We meet a hand full of characters in this novel that will draw you in until the last page it turned.

This novel is published by Iron Pillar Media and was a gift from Glass Road Publications for my review.


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