Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, beginning this week I am doing some changing. I will begin each day with a new post on a different subject, like this:
Monday- Quotes. Where I will share a meaningful quote and write about how that quote speaks to my heart.
Tuesday- Devotions (Encouragement from God's word)
Wednesday- Women with a passion. Either biblical women who served God with a passionate heart or women of today who live with a purpose in Christ.
Thursday- Scripture passages. I will be reading the book of James and as a scripture speaks to me, I too will share with you.
Friday- Interviews! This one I am excited about. I will be interviewing many different women in my life and share about them, placing the spotlight on how God is moving in their life.
I will also be adding in book reviews and give a ways as they come. I will be having more soon. I will still write more than one post on some days, but just wanted to make changes and I think this is a wonderful beginning. I pray these changes will be an added blessing to you also. And as always your feedback is a wonderful addition to my nest.Your comments about issues and how topics bless you make this girl humbled before you my friends. More you would like to see? Share with me, I would love to learn more about you along this journey too. I am excited to move forward. Come along with me for the ride!


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