Monday, May 31, 2010


Ever neared a store door and saw a soldier standing tall? They are there with those poppies red, handing them out with pride. As a soldier makes these poppies, wonder what their thoughts are, really? What are ours as we pass by? For some these poppies mean so much, and others just seem to walk by.
For me when I see these poppies they stand for those who have given all. For their families who have stood tall. Each poppy, made by hand, with love and respect, by those who fought so we could have freedom, so we could have more. These poppies are a rememberance to those who have given, to those who chose to answer the call.

At freedom's call there is a cost, a cost of giving, a cost of life, a cost of sacrifice. These men and women hear the battle's cry and walk out on that field with no fear to die. Knowing that death is so very close, it never seems to stop them from counting the cost. They go above and beyond to protect you and I. They serve with pride, hearts of passion, and life everlasting.

These men and women sacrifice so you and I can walk the streets. So while we walk, while we live in freedom, may we do so with respect to those who have given all that we might walk a little tall. So proud to be an American, so proud of those who have died for you and me. When we see a soldier walking by, may we take our hats off and throw them in the sky, for all they have done, are doing and will do when they hear the battle's cry.

For those who served in Korea, all those battles before and in between, those that we are fighting now may God above watch over you. May you feel Him by your side. May you know Him as your God.

Thank you to all who serve and do so with such pride. When I think of you and all you do, my heart is humbled as I know it is you who has given so I could have freedom in this sweet country we call home. Hats off you to you today and thank you for protecting our home sweet home!


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