Monday, September 22, 2014

My Letter To My Friend, Bobbie

Friday, September 12, 2014 was a morning that began like all others. A family waking to the glorious day God created. Waking early. Wiping sleep from their eyes. Good-mornings are being said. Hugs being given. Preparing for the day ahead. It's apparent little Phoenix isn't quite up to going to school. Today she will stay curled up with her momma. Third grade can wait. In her momma's arms is where she needs to be today. A young man gets ready early. He grabs his rifle and heads out to seek the wooded area where the squirrels were just beginning to awaken. A bit of time out in the wilderness makes his heart soar. What an amazing way for a fifteen year to begin his day. 

Donnie knows it's time to head out to the bus. Close your eyes. Imagine his smile. Imagine this precious boy waiting with backpack on his shoulder. That first bell comes so early. The day is waiting. 

At fifteen life is full of promise. 

Earlier in the morning, around 3:30, the sun not even up yet, four men get off work. Instead of just driving home they decide to open the bottle. They drink. Decisions are made. Each of these men get into their cars. Key in the ignition. Foot on the gas.  It's a race now. Not another thought in their minds. Just self. Choices are being made in the moment that will forever change the course of a family forever. 

Instead of the bus coming around the curve, four cars racing drunk change history. The lead car , driven by Ethan Humphries, hits and kills Donnie. The other three drivers in this race are Christopher O. Kitchen, Kevin Ryan, and Gerard Trotter. Does it really matter who was in the lead at this time? It could have been any one of these four drivers. And what about their passengers? Where are they at this moment when this race is taking place? Time is moving slowly now. Ten seconds was all it took to change the life of a sweet family. 

Bobbie rushes out. She's there with her baby boy. A scene that no mother should ever have to see. She tries to push life back into him. People are there surrounding her. Screams. Breathless. It has to be a dream. A nightmare that has lasted into the morning. 

Where is Phoenix? She wasn't standing next to her big brother today. Sweet Jesus. Today of all days she was home. She is safe. But, sweet Donnie. Donnie is gone from this earth. 

Before that car hit Donnie, before his last breath was breathed on this earth, I believe he saw his Jesus, his sweet Savior. What Satan meant for evil, God stood in front of Donnie, wrapped His arms around him and said, "NO!" The heavens open and all of glory is before him. The angels sing to greet him. A beauty before his eyes that he could never have imagined awaiting him. 

A mother, my friend, is now broken. She can't breathe. Life will never be the same. Time is now standing still. Her son was stolen from this earth much too soon. Her arms no longer hold her son. She can no longer brush his hair from his face. No kiss to touch his cheek. 

They loved to dance in the living room. They loved to turn the music up loud. So close. Mother and son. A bond like no other. They share so much. A relationship so unique and genuine. Laughter filled their lives. Moments of yesterday is what Bobbie now holds on to so deeply. 

Donnie loved life. He was a young man that truly knew the meaning of living. It was like he put his all into each and every day. A smile that would charm. Just like his momma, he could light up a room. He embraced life. His family was everything. He was the son every mother dreams of having. The son that makes every daddy proud. Oh, and the big brother that every little sister deserves. 

He was that young man who truly cared. He lived thankful. He was a servant with a heart of grace. He was the kind of boy who would have laid down his own life to save another. 

Donnie's heart belonged to Jesus. He didn't just attend church because that's what his parents made him do on Sunday. He loved church. He loved Awana on Wednesday nights. I know this because I was blessed and honored to teach this precious young man. I'm sure he taught me much more about life and living for Jesus than I could have ever taught him. Never was there a Wednesday night that he didn't make me laugh. He pondered thoughts. Yes, this child that was filled with such laughter was a deep thinker. He loved learning about Jesus. He would share and never let a prayer request pass him up. He often prayed for his little sister, especially if she wasn't feeling good. He would pray for his mom and dad. This young man prayed for all that was important to him.

He spent summertime with his dad in Texas. As Awana would begin in September, Donnie was always ready to share all the fun he had with his dad. His stories could go on forever. He would often ask for prayer for his dad, step-mom, and step-siblings. Their salvation was on his heart. 

Over the summer, Donnie was again with his dad in Texas. A call from Donnie to his momma came. He had been bitten by a coral snake. He was assuring his momma that he was okay. God was with him. As Bobbie listened to her son, knowing her, all she wanted to do is wrap her arms around him, making sure he was really safe. In the doctor's amazement, Donnie was going to be just fine. Donnie had been bitten, but no poison entered. None. No harm came to him. The hedge of protection his momma prayed surrounded him. To God's glory we know that on this day He was at work in protecting Donnie from a venom that could have taken his life. A witness to his dad at just how glorious and powerful his Savior is. 

Donnie was a delight because he was true to himself. Something his momma taught him through her example of being unique and godly in everything. He captivated those around him with his outragousness. He loved a challenge. Wanna hear a boy sing? Donnie would belt it out as if he was the only one on stage. But, that was Donnie in real life. He was on stage and even at fifteen He lived for the audience of One. 

This young man was loved by so many. 

He will be missed. 

There is an emptiness that is now filled with tears.

How does a mother bury her only son? How did everything change so quickly? When we can't find the answers we trust in our Savior. He is our hope. 

But friends, the story doesn't end here. Praise Jesus there is more! Donnie's legacy lives on. God created each of us with a plan and purpose. Although we cannot make sense out of this today, one day God will show us all of His glory. Donnie lived this. He believed this. Forever isn't long when you know Jesus as Savior. Those who have received Jesus as Savior will see Donnie again. The other side of heaven is waiting. Donnie will be there to greet everyone. You can count on that. 

His prayers for all those he loved still live on. His laughter can still be heard in the heart. His kindness carries on to be an example to follow for those who knew him.

Donnie wasn't a follower of the trends and fads of this world. He didn't get lost in the junk. Don't get me wrong. He was a teenager. What was amazing about Donnie is the fact that he was real. He didn't pretend. He gave everyone a chance. He was a leader. A one of kind young man. Original. 

His home is now in heaven. I imagine him sharing so much with his Jesus and his Jesus sharing so much with him. Donnie is a child of the King of kings, Lord of lords and one day, one day soon, we will meet again. It won't be for just a moment. But for all of eternity we will rejoice with him. We'll catch up soon.

Today as add to this letter it has now been 101 days this family has been without Donnie. This nightmare continues still and isn't stopping anytime soon. Can there be justice for such a hellish act? There are no more Thanksgivings spent together. No longer treasured Christmas moments. No more photos shared. No laughter ringing out in the house. Everything is different now. Now this family fights for justice. The justice for those who unjustly took the life of their precious son. This momma will no longer be able to make her baby a birthday cake.

There are no words I can bring to my beautiful friend. I wish I could take her pain away. Back up and beg God for another day, another time. I can only wrap my arms around her and be there. I wish there was more I could do. There isn't anything that can bring comfort and peace right now. Only Jesus. I pray. I pray for Jesus to cover her. To wrap her in His {everything}. My heart aches to see her broken. Please, Jesus. Please hold her. Lift her family up and surround them with love. She is now carrying this unimaginable pain that no mother should have to bear. Bobbie, we will walk this journey with you. Those who love you. Those who call you family and friend. We will pray with you. You hold on to the promises of God. His strength is mighty. His arms are wide. This isn't our home. Babe, we are just passing through. In this time as we wait upon our Savior you hold on tight to everything you believe in to know is God's truth.

Dear friend, you are my hero. You are so brave. My heart is with you. Your faith is shining through even in your darkest of days. To God the glory. To God the glory. We always shared how blessed we were to have amazing sons. Babe, you did your job well. You have done well. No regrets. You gave your love. All of it, you gave. You pointed your son toward the Savior and he received him with open arms.

You cry out to Jesus and you hold on tight to all you know that is true. 

I love you.

You can read more of this story by visiting the following link:  Lord, Please Heal My Friend and Bring Justice For Donnie.


Friends, please pray for Bobbie and her family as the Spirit leads. It would be a blessed encouragement if you could just jot down this address and send a card of love to the Boyer family. Please address it to:

Bethel Baptist Church
c/o Bobbie and Jeremy Boyer
569 Bethel Church Road
Lonedell, Missouri 63060


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