Wednesday, June 15, 2016

They Danced On (A Darling Family Novel) by Carre Armstrong

Easily I chose this novel because the cover captivated me. It is a gorgeous cover that visualizes a story all on its own. 

When I chose this novel I didn't realize it is the third of a series, but I too had not read anything by this author, so it seems all was new to me, but I would in no way be disappointed. 

Although this is the third novel in a series it could easily be a stand alone. Now with that said, since it is a series if you are thinking of purchasing this novel I would definitely go back and grab the first two. I can only imagine how beautifully they too are written.

I love meeting new writers through their penned words. The writing style is easy and captivating. As I read I was pondering how this writer is similar to a Karen Kingsbury style in that the characters are so well developed, the writing flows, and the story is one that goes straight to the heart.

ALS is what Jane Darling's husband, Leander, finds himself facing head on. This is a family of faith. I love the relationship of this married couple and the relationship they too have with their grown children. Jane is wanting to believe that if she has enough faith her husband will be healed. Leander and the children are trusting God to carry them through while facing the truth of the matter. They don't know when but ALS will take their dad from this earth. But the sweetness of their faith is that they know their dad will be healed. Maybe not as they would wish healing on this earth as we know it, but heaven healed. That is a mighty faith. 

This family deals with issues that every family faces. This is so encouraging to the reader in relating to the characters. I am sure you too will find a bit of yourself in these pages as I did. We see issues that Jane and Leander face, but also we get a front row seat seeing the lives of their children as they continue to spread their wings and fly.

This book holds so much for the reader to ponder after closing the last page. I found myself pondering my own faith if I were in these very circumstances. We never expect the unexpected. But as we see with this family there is hope beyond our fears. A hope to carry us through and bring us to trust the Lord even more as we witness His work in our lives.    

This novel was a gift from Tyndale for sharing my review with you.

Carre Armstrong Gardner is a former worker with children at risk in Russia. Now she lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband and three teenagers, where she writes books and works as a nurse.

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