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Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke

Cathy Gohlkeis a writer who impresses me with passion for the pen and a storytelling gift that sets her apart from the best of the best. 
If you love history you will certainly love Gohlke's story-telling as she takes us back in time and invites us to the present as she brings two stories together. Oh, the beauty this novel beholds is extraordinary. 
This is a novel I journeyed through taking my time as I soaked up every morsel of this beautiful tale. I get so excited when I know Cathy has a new novel releasing. This is one to snatch up for a perfect end to your summer reading. 
Secrets touch our lives and leave a void in us when we are searching for who we are. Sometimes the answers to why we do the things we do can be found in the history of our family, in the traits of others, in the stories that made them who they are. We study history, we track our family heritage, but how wonderful for us when those stories of truth are passed down to us. 
Sometimes people are just not who w…

Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon

Hope Harbor is a place of refuge and second chances. A place many call home and one that calls home those who are lost. This was a lovely novel from Irene Hannon. I love everything about this gem of a novel. The title, Hope Harbor, is our Jesus. It's the place we find faith grow through trial and tribulation. 
As we see in this novel circumstances change lives. Change isn't always wanted. Circumstance isn't always caused by our actions, but the actions of others, and then it touches our lives forevermore in ways that stir all sense of calm in life. 
Irene Hannon is gifted with the pen and here again she brings me to a place where I can see faith alive and see that God is always moving even when all seems quiet and unchanging. Hope Harbor is a great place to visit. We meet characters that are real. Through the storyline we grow to love them and understand them more and more as the story weaves their lives of hope together. 
Everything in God's perfect timing. This is wh…

Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, Suede/Chocolate LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

It is a great privilege to showcase outstanding Bibles. I usually share Bibles that are more for women, but today I wanted to share a study Bible that would be a great choice for any guy in your life. 
Here is a great selection of the NKJV translation in a gorgeous tan and brown leather. I must tell you that the picture doesn't give this Bible it's due justice. The coloring is much deeper and brighter. The leather is supple and rich. The pages reflect a golden tone and the two ribbons match the colors of this study Bible. 
Any young man would be proud to carry this study Bible. I think any girl would love it as well. I know I do. It is truly beautiful. I know, I know. Many don't care what the outside looks like. It's what's inside that matters, right? Well, there's nothing at all wrong with letting your personality shine and it's also great in having others ask about your Bible. Gives you opportunity to share the Word. 
So, let's talk about the inside o…

HCSB Study Bible, Mantova Brown LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

My son picked up this study Bible and said, "Hey, now this one is really cool. It has a rugged look to it". That's all I needed to hear to know that any young man would love to have this study Bible if they like that rugged look. I know, many don't care what the outside of their Bible looks like and that's okay. But for me I love having a Bible that reflects my personality. I picture my husband carrying this Bible out in the woods with him to the hunting cabin during deer season where he loves to have time with the Lord and reflect in the Word. Guys like to have cool Bibles too! This would make a great gift for that rugged guy in your life. 
This leather study Bible is indexed, which is an aspect that I love about this Bible. It makes for easy finding. It also comes with two memory ribbons so you can keep track of more than one page. This study Bible is in the HSCB translation. Another favorite of mine. I can tell you that my son also enjoys this translation. It …

It's Good To Be Queen by Liz Curtis Higgs

It's Good To Be Queen is a book that surprised me. This would make for a great Sunday school study, a women's group study, just a few friends gathered together, or just soaking up every last word as you read on your own. I found this book to be refreshing and so well written. Liz is gifted at bringing us books that bring us closer to the Word and closer to understanding ourselves through learning more about the women of the Bible. 
Queen Sheba isn't a woman of the Bible that I've taken great time to study. What Liz Curtis Higgs gives us is an honest and pure portrayal of this wise woman. She gives us nothing more than the Word of God. It isn't sensationalized, nor is it added to. This is what I find so amazing!! Love that Liz brought us a book that is true to the Word. Not her opinion, not her taking us off on a journey of untruths and just imaginings, but bringing us to a place where we can truly see the queen of Sheba for the woman she was. I feel that she captur…

HCSB Journaling Bible by B&H Publishing Group

There is a Bible out there for everyone and at B&H Publishing Group you are sure to find the perfect Bible in which you're searching. I recently received the Journaling Bible in the HCSB translation. I was excited to receive this one and I can tell you that I was not let down in the least. This Bible is terrific for the girl/guy who loves to take notes in their Bible. 
I know that I often don't have enough room on my pages to jot down notes or pen special meanings of those {aha} moments as the Spirit speaks to us as we read the Word. This Bible is absolutely perfect for such note taking. Journaling Bible is exactly what this Bible is all about. 
Let's talk about the cover. It is a leather bound cover in brown/black with stitching on the front. It is a bonded leather, but what I love even more is that it has a feeling of a hardback. My son picked up this Bible and said, "Hey, this is really cool!" 
The pages are a perfect texture for writing with your favorite…

Wild in the Hollow by Amber C. Haines

Wild in the Hollow caught my attention quickly. I love reading new authors and this memoir seemed to prick my heart before it ever arrived at my door. I love real and transparent. This is what you get with Amber C. Haines. Her words are poetic and flowery, descriptive and unapologetic, and words I could relate to. Not that we have the same story. We are much different people, but my heart connected with her heart right away as her powerful words stirred me to look deeper in my own heart. 
That's another thing I loved about this book. Amber gives the reader permission to be real with her. It's as though as you're reading your own heart is widening and giving birth to your own redemptive need. Her words are personal and intimate. Oh, the courage that must have filled her to pen such honest purity. This is writing that a growing and changing heart needs to journey forward into being real. It's when we are real with others that they see Jesus in us. 
This book brings the r…

Among The Fair Magnolias

Four stories from four magnificent writers that take the reader back in time to South Carolina 1860, Texas 1878, Georgia 1868, and Tennessee 1870. These writers are powerful in their gift to encompass such great dynamics in giving us such a vivid description of the time and the people. 
Each story different circumstances, different characters, but all leading us to a life lived in faith, unafraid and powerful when we trust our mighty God with all! This is such a powerful time in history, one that shouldn't be forgotten. I love traveling back in time with writers who give me a front seat to what life could have been for these people facing the unimaginable. 
I loved the characters. The stories are exquisite in carrying such life lessons. If you're a lover of history and romance this novel is for you. I have read every book penned by Tamera Alexander and Elizabeth Musser. Love them both!! My favorite stories are by both of these ladies. Elizabeth Musser brought a story of powerf…

Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander

Get ready to journey back in time with characters that will grab your heart and a story that will bring you to ponder what's priceless in your own life. Are we ready to protect what is valuable? Just what is of value in our lives? These are questions that I pondered as these characters opened my heart. Here's the thing; we have a Master Artist and He created us by His own hands for a greater purpose than what we can even imagine. These characters are filled with faith and are living out their lives with intent on leaving behind a legacy far greater than what man can create by his own hand. 
The cover is fantastically created to captivate the senses. It was the cover that caught my attention. The description only gives a portion of the beauty this novel holds. Alexander is a masterful writer in bringing history to an age where people are more concerned with here and now. May we never forget this time. If you're a history lover this novel is magical. 
Every girl dreams of a …

Fade to Blue by Julie Carobini

What a great first time visit to Otter Bay! I can't wait to return. I am totally new to Julie Carobini. I know, right? Where have I been? I'm sure many of you are huge fans and for some this will be your first glimpse into her writings. Fade to Blue is truly a beach read. A summer read of fun that is filled with faith, growth, and reassurance that our purpose goes far beyond anything we can imagine. The main theme that touched me was reminding me that we have a God of second chances and that is exactly what we find here in this novel penned by Julie Carobini. 
This is one of those delicious reads that grows as you continue turning pages. As you sip a cool glass of iced tea and bask in the sunshine you will be delighted as these characters pop off the pages. The story flows beautifully and the characters are those we can relate to. Suz Mitchell could be any one of us. Life throws a curve ball and we find ourselves in need of asking for help. This isn't always easy. But for …