Friday, August 7, 2015

Among The Fair Magnolias

Four stories from four magnificent writers that take the reader back in time to South Carolina 1860, Texas 1878, Georgia 1868, and Tennessee 1870. These writers are powerful in their gift to encompass such great dynamics in giving us such a vivid description of the time and the people. 

Each story different circumstances, different characters, but all leading us to a life lived in faith, unafraid and powerful when we trust our mighty God with all! This is such a powerful time in history, one that shouldn't be forgotten. I love traveling back in time with writers who give me a front seat to what life could have been for these people facing the unimaginable. 

I loved the characters. The stories are exquisite in carrying such life lessons. If you're a lover of history and romance this novel is for you. I have read every book penned by Tamera Alexander and Elizabeth Musser. Love them both!! My favorite stories are by both of these ladies. Elizabeth Musser brought a story of powerful grace that left me wanting more!! Tamera Alexander just speaks to my heart in such a deep wave of emotion. 

I'm new to Dorothy Love and Shelley Gray. Okay, these ladies ROCK in bringing a story alive and allowing the reader to feel with great emotion. I'm excited to explore more of their work. 

The cover is beautiful and is so poignant. Women of grace and strength, facing trials unimaginable, showing sheer beauty as they grow in the women God created them to be. Each character of these stories is a powerful glimpse into the lives  of the women of this time and leaves us with wondrous examples of boundless beauty. 

These stories show us the power of God when we turn everything over to Him and learn to trust in ALL He is. This is where our faith is grown. Oh, I LOVED these stories. I love picking up a book and being excited about what's to come. This is one of those books you want share with friends!

This novel was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 


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