Monday, August 24, 2015

HCSB Study Bible, Mantova Brown LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

My son picked up this study Bible and said, "Hey, now this one is really cool. It has a rugged look to it". That's all I needed to hear to know that any young man would love to have this study Bible if they like that rugged look. I know, many don't care what the outside of their Bible looks like and that's okay. But for me I love having a Bible that reflects my personality. I picture my husband carrying this Bible out in the woods with him to the hunting cabin during deer season where he loves to have time with the Lord and reflect in the Word. Guys like to have cool Bibles too! This would make a great gift for that rugged guy in your life. 

This leather study Bible is indexed, which is an aspect that I love about this Bible. It makes for easy finding. It also comes with two memory ribbons so you can keep track of more than one page. This study Bible is in the HSCB translation. Another favorite of mine. I can tell you that my son also enjoys this translation. It makes for easy understanding and most importantly is trustworthy to the Word. 

Here is a list of the other features this amazing study Bible contains:
  • 290 word studies
  • 141 photographs
  • 62 timelines
  • 59 maps
  • 24 articles
  • 6 illustrations/reconstructions
  • 15 charts
  • Four-color presentation pages
  • Two-column text setting
  • Two-piece gift box (non-hardcover)
  • One- and three-year Bible reading plans
  • Center column references
  • Topical subheads
  • Black letter text
What stands out for me are the word studies, the illustrations and the reconstructions. These are huge in helping me study the Word with precise understanding. The maps are clear, colorful, bright, and beautiful. Another great tool for understanding the Word. For instance, understanding how far the Disciples traveled, the journey they took and the time span in which they got to one place to another gives us a realistic understanding and totally wows us when we come to realize just how far they traveled and the areas in which they journeyed. 

I can spend hours studying the timelines and articles. The charts are an outstanding tool to have while studying the Word. They give great detail on many subjects. The Book introductions are spectacular as are the comprehensive study notes. I love reading scripture and following along with the study notes. They answer questions I have and always seem to give me that 'aha' moment to lead me deeper into my study. 

I know many of you love having the Words of Jesus in bold red. This study Bible does not contain that feature. That would be the only feature for me that this Bible doesn't hold. The concordance is a great size and the bullet notes are helpful as well. There's always those common words we kind of skip over, but never really knowing the exact meaning and definition. The bullet notes help us understand such words. 

This study Bible is beautiful for a man or woman. I think it's just gorgeous! If you're searching for a superb study Bible this is a great choice. I encourage you to check out the amazing Bibles you can find at B&H Publishing Group. You are sure to find the perfect study Bible or reference Bible in which you have been searching!

This study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 


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