Monday, August 24, 2015

Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, Suede/Chocolate LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

It is a great privilege to showcase outstanding Bibles. I usually share Bibles that are more for women, but today I wanted to share a study Bible that would be a great choice for any guy in your life. 

Here is a great selection of the NKJV translation in a gorgeous tan and brown leather. I must tell you that the picture doesn't give this Bible it's due justice. The coloring is much deeper and brighter. The leather is supple and rich. The pages reflect a golden tone and the two ribbons match the colors of this study Bible. 

Any young man would be proud to carry this study Bible. I think any girl would love it as well. I know I do. It is truly beautiful. I know, I know. Many don't care what the outside looks like. It's what's inside that matters, right? Well, there's nothing at all wrong with letting your personality shine and it's also great in having others ask about your Bible. Gives you opportunity to share the Word. 

So, let's talk about the inside of this study Bible. It's the NKJV translation. Many are true to the KJV and that's wonderful. I love a black leather NKJ Bible, but what I love about this study Bible is that for me it's easier to understand than the KJV translation. If it's easier for me to understand than I'm going to be spending more time studying. So that aspect alone is great for younger lovers of the Word, maybe newcomers to the Word as well. When it's easy understanding the possibilities are endless!

The NKJV study Bible contains the Word of Christ in red print. I know many of you love this aspect. I do as well. This full color study Bible is the best of the best. It literally contains everything you need for a great study. When studying from this Bible I don't need another concordance, because this one is vast in giving information. The bullet notes are outstanding in helping me define words that I often skip over. I just love the entire design of this study Bible. 

It also contains a one year and three year Bible reading plan. Many people like adding information to their Bibles for safe keeping as they pass them down to the next generation. This Bible has a family registry page and other pages for keeping those special moments treasured. 

I LOVE Holman Bibles because of their accuracy. I can trust that this is the Word of God. That's why I love sharing all of these Bibles with you. Everyone needs a great study Bible and friends, B&H Publishing Group has the best of the best. They don't just have one translation or one certain style. There are literally hundreds to choose from. Just pop over and visit and you can see for yourself all the Bibles. You're sure to find the perfect Bible for you. 

Although this is a study Bible it isn't overly big or too heavy to carry to church. It's a terrific sized Bible and the print is legible as well. There isn't anything I don't enjoy about this Bible. 

I could spend hours just studying the illustrations and reconstructions. They are fascinating and a great tool for additional study. The photographs and maps give the reader a great advantage in study. If you love studying the Word this is a great choice!

This study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you.

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