Thursday, February 26, 2015

To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore

Beth Moore writes timeless. Her books can touch our hearts and give us room to explore our journey with Christ. She shares transparent and gives the reader more than one could expect. Every time I close a Beth Moore book I know I have journeyed, I have learned, and I have grown more like Christ. 

She opens my eyes to new visions and new ways of understanding the Word of God. Here in this excellent book she takes us on a journey with Paul. I can tell you I have learned more about Paul from Beth Moore than any Sunday School class or any sermon. 

This selection is close to the copy of "Paul" by Beth Moore. This is part of a signature series including, Jesus, David, and John. Beautifully written 90 day journey. Take a peek at my review of, "Paul". You too can find , "Paul", at the B&H Publishing Group site. 

These two books are not word for word. But they are very similar. This is more of a study format and the signature series is more of a devotional/study. They are both amazing!! 

This book was printed back in 2008. Don't ever think because a book is printed years before it cannot hold value today. Beth's words are timeless and are so profound they will touch every heart. I know I have been changed by her books and this is a favorite of mine. 

Beth always takes us right to scripture. This is truly a journey with Paul. As I learned about Paul, I learned more about Christ, and therefore I learned more about myself. Oh, how I could relate to Paul in such a new way. Beth brings us to really know him and to see him as if we walked his journey. 

If you would like to journey with Paul this would be a wonderful selection. My book is covered with many notes and pink highlighted words penned by Beth. 

As we learn about Paul we truly see how Jesus moves in the heart of man and how only He can change us to look more like Him. All He needs is a willing heart and the journey of new begins. 

This book was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 


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