Monday, February 9, 2015

Rise by Trip Lee

Not just for twenty-somethings!! If I could rate this book as a ten I would do so. Outstanding!! My son got me to listening to Trip Lee and Lecrae. I know what you're thinking, but wow, I LOVE their music!! 

So when I seen this book for review I thought about my son. I asked him if he had heard of it and of course he had. I just had to review it. I can tell you that I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this amazing book! I sat down and began reading and didn't get up until I was turning the last page. 

My son say, "Yeah, mom, I'd love to go to his church and sit under his teaching." That's pretty awesome for another twenty-something to connect with another in such a great way. 

I can tell you that the title, "Rise", is perfect for the wisdom that you'll find inside these pages. By the time you're finished reading this book you will want to get up and "Rise" for you're Jesus!! 

This is empowering in such a way because Trip is nothing but real. He shares not just from his heart and experience, but from his love for the Lord and all that He has taught him in his journey with Christ. 

The forward is written by John Piper so that should give you an idea of just how impactful this book is! He is engaging and so inviting. He isn't preachy over young people. He is relating to them because he is one and he too knows the struggles of being a young person today. 

This is a book that every young person needs to read. It would be awesome for a youth group or a Sunday School class for young men and women. But...this is a book that EVERY Bible believer should read. Seriously. It's that good! I was so challenged and inspired by this young man. Truly. He's one of those guys I'm sure you would just love to simply talk about Jesus while you shared coffee. 

If you could see my book you would just see a book almost entirely highlighted. Some of the chapters that encouraged me are, Are you one of those Christians?  Be a Real Member, The Grey Rule, and There are no super-Christians. 

"Showing compassion is one of the clearest ways we can visibly show people what the gospel looks like."

"Often we miss the beautiful image bearers who are all around us. Our hearts are so filled with self that there's no room left for compassion. The eyes of our hearts never get a chance to look out upon the world because they're too captivated by what they see in the mirror. It's like when a man sees a beautiful woman and she captures his attention in such a way that he doesn't see anybody or anything else. Many of us seem to have that same attraction, only it's to our own lives and ourselves."

"The world despises hypocrisy, and so does Jesus. Let's rise above that. Let's be sin-admitting, Christ-trusting, people-loving believers. Let's show the world another picture of what it means to follow Christ. Let's love people even when they don't love us." 

"A Christian's job is to live in such a way that shows off the real Jesus, the all-powerful, almighty, sinner-loving King of the universe."

"Our world is messed up. And even though death is wrong, it's real. It's now how it's supposed to be, but it's how it is for now. One day Jesus will kill death for good, but until then death is a reality for every single one of us. And before death even gets to us, a million smaller wrongs will have already encountered us."

"There are times when godly people you respect will give you counsel you disagree with. We should always seek to be faithful to God and ask that He would give us wisdom. But we should tread carefully and not take going against counsel lightly."

"Age does not equal wisdom."

"One of our problems is that we think we belong to ourselves. Our assumption is that we are the masters of our lives and we get to make all the big decisions. That's a myth. I belong to God. First, because He created me (Ps. 139:13), and second, because He purchased me (1 Cor. 6:19-20). And that has serious implications for how I invest each hour of my day. I don't have the right to rob God of time."

"When you pretend to be super-holy, all it does is increase that insecurity in others. It fuels the lie they tell themselves, that they're the only ones who are this messed up. Instead of fueling that myth, you should be honest about your sin." 

I could go on and on sharing, but better yet, you should just grab up this book and read it for yourselves. I'm gonna hand this book over to my son now and pray for him as he reads this powerful words that they will impact his life in a powerful way. 

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 

Trip Lee is an author, hip-hop artist, pastor, and thought leader. He regularly preaches and teaches at Christian conferences and events and has performed his music for thousand of listeners around the world. As a critically acclaimed hip-hop artist, Trip has won a Steller Award and been nominated for several Dove Awards. His latest album is entitled Rise. He and Jessica, his wife of five years, have two young children. BUILTTOBRAG.COM @TRIPLEE


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