Monday, February 16, 2015

Life Essentials Study Bible Gene A. Getz by B&H Publishing Group

Are you ready to hear about an extraordinary study Bible? If you are a lover of the Word and are searching for additional tools for your study this would be a fantastic addition to your studies! 

This study Bible is unlike any other. In today's technological world this Bible is super cool!! Let me just say this would make for an amazing study Bible for young adults and college age kids who love using their phones. 

If you have wifi or maybe visit your local coffee shop for your morning studies this Bible will be an extra treat for you. 

Okay, I've already said it's unlike any other study Bible. This study Bible is jam-packed with life lessons. Each book contains tons of them. If the Book is bigger there are more life lessons. In the front of the Bible you can find a list of all the topics for the Life Essentials by Dr. Gene A. Getz.  I call them life lessons, but here Dr. Getz calls them Life Essentials and they truly are essential for Christian living. 

So, what's so cool? This Bible is filled with QR codes. Yes, with every topic possible, all you must do is use your camera phone to copy the code and there right on your phone you will find a video of Dr. Getz sharing extra information on the subject. There are over 250 hours of access to Dr. Getz teaching more on these subjects. I find this extraordinary!! What a great new way to study!! Everything is literally at your fingertips. 

There are 1,500 Life Essentials. That's HUGE!!! I encourage you to go to B&H Publishing Group to check out more about this study Bible and go to Amazon and take a peek at all the 5 star reviews on this AMAZING study Bible. 

At the beginning of each book is a list of all the Life Essentials that are included in that Book. But you can also find these topics in the front of the Bible. 

With each Life Essential there is a section of Reflection & Response. Dr. Getz gives a question on the topic being studied for the reader to dig deeper and ponder. 

This is a Holman and is in the HCSB translation. Both are my absolute favorites! When a Life Essential is being shared all the scripture that coordinates with the lesson is highlighted in blue. This gives the reader easy learning. 

The concordance is outstanding as always with a Holman Bible. The maps are bright and in full color. And a tool that I really love is the Bullet Note section which gives us great understanding and definition to words we often look at and pass over without thought. 

Even if you didn't use the QR codes this Bible is outstanding. It's great to have a teacher such as Dr. Getz share so much on subjects that are sometimes confusing. It's easy to study and gives the reader room for the Holy Spirit to move as you open your heart and dig deep. 

You could use this study Bible as a devotional too. It would be easy to pick a subject each day and spend time uncovering the Word as you sip your morning coffee. It too would be great for any teacher or parent looking for additional teachings on topics of every kind. These Life Essentials are those things we face daily. If we aren't facing them at the moment we know someone who is. What an amazing way to show a friend the Word of God. 

This copy is bonded leather and indexed. The indexed gives an added easiness to finding the Books of the Bible and the bonded leather is rich. 

If you are leading a class at church this would be a fantastic Bible to gain a vast amount of Biblical teaching that will only lead to deeper studies in the Word. 

This study Bible is truly a new experience to diving into the Word!!

This Study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you.

Dr. Gene Getz is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and earned advanced degrees from Wheaton Graduate School and New York University. He served as a professor at Moody and Dallas Theological Seminary and then became a church planting pastor, launching the Fellowship Bible Church Movement. He is heard daily on Renewal Radio and has authored over 60 books. 


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