Saturday, December 27, 2014

John (90 Days With The Beloved Disciple) by Beth Moore

Wow! Beth Moore ROCKS! Her studies are timeless. This study of John was published in 2008. I love how the Lord places studies in my hands at just the right time. This study is powerful and heart-changing. I am making my way through this Personal Reflections Series. I have had the privilege of reviewing, Paul and David. I will now open the pages of Jesus. I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin this new study. Each of these studies has empowered my walk with Christ. I have grown in my faith journey and walked closer than ever to Jesus as I have opened His Word to journey with Beth. 

Each of these gems would make beautiful gifts. They are truly extraordinary. I must say I didn't know what to expect with John, but once again, Beth has blown me away. I'm learning to expect nothing but greatness from this treasured woman of God. 

Beth begins each lesson with scripture. It's awesome for the reader to dive in and read this scripture for yourself. This is where the blessings begin to flow. She then asked two valuable questions that truly make the reader ponder. She then shares the lesson which is usually 2-3 pages and as always ends with a prayer. Simple yet so powerful. I feel as though I have walked with John. Beth begins the study in the book of Matthew. We take some time in the book of Luke. We spend a bit of time through other books such as Acts and Galatians. Beth then takes the reader through the books of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation. We spend much time in John and Revelation. 

Again I must share that this study goes straight to the heart of the reader. We get to know the heart of John like never before. This is where Beth is so gifted. She is personable and intimate. It's as though you are studying with a friend and sharing coffee and Jesus is the main subject. I have loved this series and I know you too will love each of these books. You can take a peek at my reviews of Paul and David. You can spend 90 days doing the study or just read as you like. Believe me, once you begin you are going to enjoy it so much you'll keep reading! 

This study was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 

Beth Moore is a writer and teacher of best-selling books and Bible studies whose public speaking engagements carry her all over the United States. A dedicated wife and mother of two adult daughters, Moore lives in Houston, Texas, where she is president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.


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