Thursday, December 18, 2014

When Night Comes by Dan Walsh

I am a huge Dan Walsh fan. I have loved every single book he has penned. This new gem is unlike all his other works. It's something vastly different, but magnificently still Dan Walsh. Love it when a writer takes a new avenue and does something totally opposite of their norm. Dan does't disappoint with this suspense novel. and to know there will be another coming has me excited to see where this new genre takes him.

I promise I will give nothing away about this novel. You won't get any details from me. I want you to pick up this novel and experience in the same way I did. Total excitement!!

The plot unfolds like a movie script on the big screen. Dan certainly takes us on a roller coaster ride. One that you will want to ride over again and again because the thrills just keep coming. 

I have to tell you I was over the top excited when Dan asked if I wanted to be a part of this blog tour introducing his newest gem. Of course I was going to join! I anticipated its arrival and when it finally arrived I couldn't wait to begin reading. I was absolutely captivated!

Once I was into the story I totally got the title. Oh, the things that happen at night. I must share that the history lover in me couldn't get enough. I wanted more of the history. Dan gives such a passionate vision that the reader has the illusion of being present. That's pretty outstanding! 

Fast paced, intriguing, surprising, suspense, friendship, betrayal, and a little romance makes this a novel that will keep you reading into the night. Past and present meet and within that realm lies the thickening plot that threads a story that leaves you wanting more. 

Happy Reading!

This novel was a gift from Dan Walsh for sharing my review with you. 

Dan Walsh is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than a dozen novels including The Unfinished Gift, The Discovery and What Follows After. His books have been  highly reviewed by USA Today and in magazines such as Publishers Weekly, RT Book Reviews and Library Journal. Dan lives and writes in the Daytona Beach area with his wife, Cindi. They have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. Find more about Dan at 


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