Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Injustice For All by Robin Caroll

Wow!! Where have I been that I have missed Robin Caroll? I must have been under a rock. Unbelievable! I can tell you that I have a new favorite added to my list of unputdownable suspense novels! This woman can pen a story. Seriously, once I began reading I didn't want to put this book down. When you're stirring soup over the stove with a book in your hand you know it's not only good, it's fantastic! 

The plot is continuously building and perfectly timed. Caroll doesn't just pen a story. She allows the reader the privilege of feeling as though you're right there with a 9mm in your hand. The characters are not only believable, but you want them as friends. Well, not the bad guys. Caroll sets the scene and invites us in to join her. The story holds a bit of everything. Faith, hope, love, friendship and trust. These characters face all of these. Some believing and some angry at God. Some living in hope and others searching. We see that love is lasting and begins with friendship. With these characters trust isn't always easy, but at times needed more than ever. We learn that if we are going to allow love we must allow trust. If we are willing to love we must be willing to be wounded. 

I love the bonds of friendship that we see within these pages. Each character brings something unique and combined they make this a page turner. You are missing out if you haven't read a novel penned by Robin Caroll. This novel is part of A Justice Seekers series. The next book in this series is To Write A Wrong, and concludes with the final book, Strand of Deception. I have these copies and am so excited to continue with these characters and journey with new characters that we have met in this first book of this series. 

This novel was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 

Robin Caroll has authored twelve previous books including the Holt Medallion Award of Merit winner, Deliver Us From Evil. She gives back to the writing community by serving as Conference Director for American Christian Fiction Writers. A proud southerner, Robin lives with her husband, three daughters, and two precious grandsons in Arkansas.


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