Monday, October 13, 2014

Between Us Girls by Sally John

I have read a few novels penned by Sally John. I learned that she is a truly gifted writer as I found myself lost in her novels. Desert Gift, Ransomed and Heart Echos, are the three novels that I have read by Sally John. Some of the best novels I've had the pleasure of reading. 

Between Us Girls is the first in a new series.  This is a much different read than what I have experienced from Sally John. This is a more laid back, beach read. An easy afternoon read. One that you can totally absorb yourself in and forget all the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Casa De-Vida is the place to be. There are many characters to keep up with, but John does a great job at allowing us to get to know each of them. Some peek in the story while others make a deeper impact, but somehow John makes them all connect and brings a terrific read. 

I love the idea of a place a refuge. So many of these characters are in need of something, and here at Casa De-Vida they find what they are searching for. Friendship is a treasure and as we see here in this novel many times we find the best of friends in the most unexpected places. 

This is an oasis for hearts aching. A place where strangers become friends and learn to depend upon one another. A story that truly shows the beauty of giving and receiving. I enjoyed spending an afternoon getting to know these characters. A good reminder to be heart ready to help another. We never know the need of another until we truly give God room in our hearts to see beyond ourselves.

This novel was a gift from Harvest House Publishers for sharing my review with you. 

Sally John is the bestselling author of 18 novels, including the popular series The Other Way Home, The Beach House, and In a Heartbeat. A three-time finalist for the Christy Award and former teacher, Sally lives in Southern California with her husband Tim. Writing fiction takes a backseat only to her cherished roles of wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma. Find out more about Sally at


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