Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Donkey In The Living Room by Sarah Raymond Cunningham with illustrations by Michael Foster

What a sweet book Sarah Raymond Cunningham introduces us to. She shares with us what could be a new family tradition to share with our children for years to come. 

I am reviewing the book. With the book you can purchase the box set which I would highly recommend. Your children and grandchildren will love this idea!! 

Sarah begins with sharing that this is a sweet family tradition that she was gifted with as a child. This book is to be read each day nine days before Christmas. In the box set you will find wooden treasures that will help tell the story. 

9 Days Before Christmas- Mary, Mother of Jesus
8 Days Before Christmas- The Donkey
7 Days Before Christmas- The Cow
6 Days Before Christmas- The Sheep
5 Days Before Christmas- The Shepherd
4 Days Before Christmas- The Angel
3 Days Before Christmas- The Camel
2 Days Before Christmas- The Wise Men
1 Day Before Christmas- Joseph, Father of Jesus
Christmas Day- Baby Jesus

With each wooden figure, you could wrap them as a gift, and hide them in your home, ready for your children to discover. When your children uncover the piece for the day it's time to sit down with the book and share the story that goes with each figurine

I absolutely love this idea! Family traditions are so special. Our children not only cherish them, but they pass them on to their children. This is a wonderful way to bring our family together and a new way to enjoy the nativity scene. 

What a wonderful way to begin each day or to close each night before bed. This is one I believe you will enjoy immensely

This children's book is a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 

Sarah Raymond Cunningham is the author of Portable Faith and The Well Balanced World Changer and the creator of the children's Christmas book, The Donkey in the Living Room. As a freelance consultant, she has also helped develop some of the top Christian events in the country. She blogs about finding extraordinary friendships in an ordinary world at

Michael K. Foster is the owner of Foster Animation, a cartoon and animation studio located in upstate New York. With over twenty years experience in design, illustration, and animation Michael provides quality design for many leading Christian and family oriented companies such as, The God Fish Guys, Phil Vischer's What's In The Bible DVD series, The Rizers, Hasbro Toys & Anagram International. 


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