Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Live Free by Kendra Smiley

I really enjoyed reading, "Live Free", by Kendra Smiley. This was a quick read for me. It was like meeting a new friend. Kendra's warmth and love float from the pages she has penned. 

Can we really live beyond the what ifs and if onlys? This is exactly what Kendra shares with us. This book is super inspiring and is a great dose of encouragement. Throughout the book she shares the stories of people from her own life. People who have faced adversity and have overcome with great attitude toward the circumstance they are facing. We see that it is most important how we face the circumstance, but the circumstance itself. Having a positive attitude changes everything. Seeing things with a godly perspective gives us a change to stand back and see that He is in control. 

I loved the stories that Kendra chose to share. Each facing trial of their own, but all realizing there is more to life than the circumstance they are facing. God is in fact in everything about us. He is always at work. I think what I too enjoyed is that in the last chapter, Kendra, shares with us how each of these people are doing today. That's huge for me. To see that they faced such trial and have truly overcome with the grace and strength of God shows us that it is impossible. 

I really connected with Kendra when she shares her own story of having a father who was an alcoholic. Alcoholism seemed the norm when I was growing up. Only then I didn't realize just how it would impact my life and the denial I too would face.

She shares great scripture and quotes that are encouraging. Just through her words you get the sense of just how sweet the heart of Kendra is. She is truly about people. People finding their way to Jesus and she simply living them along the journey. What I love is that we see all she has learned from the those around her. Everything doesn't always turn out like we want, but then again, God's ways are always higher than our own. She is just one of those ladies you would love to share coffee with. 

These are real stories that touch the heart and bring the reader to fully grasp that no matter what comes in life, faith will lead us through. God is forever present in the lives of those who call Him, Savior. 

This book was a gift from Moody Publishing for sharing my review with you. 

Kendra Smiley brings wit and wisdom to her writing, speaking, and national radio program, Live Life Intentionally. Named Illinois Mother of the Year, she and her husband, John, live on their family farm where they raised their three sons, all of whom are married. Kendra is the author of nine books and a sought-after speaker for women's and parenting events. 


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