Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Holman Study Bible for Women

Holman is my absolute favorite Bible. This study Bible is the HCSB translation which is also my favorite! I have a copy of the HCSB Study Bible and it is my go to Bible for study. It is absolutely the best of the best! This study Bible is different. It is totally designed for women, which I love.  

First of all, when I am sitting down to study there is nothing so amazing as surrounding yourself with different versions of the Bible to get a total understanding of the scripture you are reading. Nothing like totally diving into the Word!

I was able to review the hardback copy of the Study Bible for Women. The hardback is just my preference. This is a beautiful Bible. The cover is very pretty, but the inside is gorgeous. The colors are soft blues and very inviting. 

This Bible holds many features that are super cool. This is not a devotional Bible. This is a study Bible. I encourage you to check out the links that connect you to B&H Publishing and you will find the perfect Bible that you are searching for. 

Some of the features that you will find in this Bible are, The Hard Questions. I love this! We all have questions and this Bible tackles some of those huge questions. They not only give the question, but more importantly they give outstanding answers that are backed up completely with scripture. For instance: Is there only one way to heaven?, How should I respond to rebuke from the Word of God?, In a culture that does not worship physical idols, how do God's warnings against idolatry apply to you today?, Can we trust the authorship of the Pentateuch?, What was the purpose of the law if it could not save a person? How can I trust a God who has allowed such terrible things to happen to people? 

Another great feature that I really like is the Biblical Womanhood sections. These bring us selections throughout the Bible that gives great insight of the Word of God and what it means to us as women. "The significance of Galatians 3:28", "Sexuality, Social ethics, and Hermeneutics", "A Mother's Influence", "A Gracious Woman" "The Responsibility of Parenthood", "Submission in the Old Testament", and many more. 

Throughout the Bible we find Word Study that is hugely helpful as one is studying the Word. It doesn't just give the worldly definition, but the Biblical definition and the foundation of the word and how it applies to the Word. 

I really enjoy the Character Profiles. These are wonderful in insights on the women of the Bible. Such as, The Wife of Ezekiel, Solomon's Pagan Wives, Naaman's Maidservant, Job's Wife, Sapphira, Candace, A Fortune Telling Slave Girl, and Lydia. What I love is that you are able to find the women of the Bible we are familiar with, but also women that you usually don't see highlighted in other Study Bibles for women. Each of these gives us great life lessons on being a woman of God.

Other highlights for me are, "Eight Key Words in Psalm 119", "Teachings from the Lord's Prayer", "Teachings on Suffering in 1 Peter", "Did a Righteous Mother Make the Difference?", "From Law to Love", and many, many more!!

There are also sections on Doctrine. This is key to understanding the Word of God. Yes, this Bible holds a wealth of information. There are time tables for each book of the Bible and explanations on each Book of the Bible.

This Bible truly holds great information. When I received my Bible for review I simply didn't want to put it down. This would make a wonderful gift for the woman in your life. A truly amazing Bible for a young woman. 

I love a Bible that gives a great concordance and this Holman Bible has a great one! The maps are in color and very bright. You could use this as your only Study Bible or as a combination with your favorite, but I guarantee this will become a favorite of yours too. 

This Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you.


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