Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just catching up!

Hey there friends, I hope this Sunday finds all of you surrounded by blessings. The Lord is good, isn't He? Oh my, He continues to surprise me daily by His love and His gracious gifts.

I am just checking in before I leave for a week. Tonight I am traveling with my husband to Chicago. I am just loving the quiet times away that I am able to spend with him. Then I will be staying with my gracious cousin as I attend my first ACFW Conference ever! I am over the top excited. I cannot wait to share all the happenings and tremendous blessings that flow from this wonderful gift.

I am trying to catch up on my reading and have many awesome reviews to share with you on my return. One is, "Deliver Me From Evil" by Kathi Macias. Just an amazing life changing book. There wasn't a chapter I read that I was not in tears. Oh, can this woman of God write!

I had a wonderful day at church preparing Sunday dinner with the college group who is raising money for the Passion conference. Praise the Lord they have met their goal and even exceeded it to now give graciously as God has given them.

Last Wednesday was the first night of Awana and it was just awesome! I am blessed to teach Junior High with my sweet friend, Sandra, who is a wonderful teacher. Although I will miss class this week I cannot wait to get back and learn with this group of youth. It is clear to see that God has HUGE plans for this group of youth.

I am awaiting the arrival of my first grandson, Jack. I cannot wait to hold this little bundle of love and wrap my arms around my baby girl who has given me such joy. Jack, when your ready to come, Nana, is on her with Poppy too!

I too will be beginning to do the Lets Chat Friday segment once again. Some changes are coming. I am planning on having guests and guest posts who simply share their story with you. Testimonies of faith of those who have gone through trials. Stories of hope from those who are facing struggles of all kinds today and how the Lord is bringing them through and lifting them above fear and filling them with peace.

Friends, I hope your week is filled with peace, love and harmony. Seek the Lord this week and watch His blessings soar!


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