Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACFW Conference..Here I come

Is it possible to be too excited for words to express? It's not too often you will find me speechless, but I am pretty much there. I can tell you I feel so honored to be attending. I feel humbled to be the recipient of such a blessed gift. If I am totally honest I will tell you I feel so very small. I will find myself surrounded by such gifted writers. Writers who have penned every Christian book on my book shelf!

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to meet everyone in person and hug those very friends I have made on line through Face Book and emails. To top this week off I will be staying with my cousin. How awesome to be able to go back to her home and share everything I experience with her.

God has already opened so many doors. This is a HUGE door He is opening, but does He ever do anything small? As I was preparing to do my nails today I realized I didn't have any left. LOL If I am being transparent again, this has been really stressful for me to prepare for. Although I love being around people, doing something totally on my own scares me too death. Yes, I am that girl ready to step out, but it makes it so much easier with someone by your side. I know I am not the only newbie attending. There are lots of folks feeling the same emotions I am today. It's almost this overwhelming feeling that just simply brings you to your knees asking God to do the leading and bring calm through the unsteady nerves.

Yep, I have started my novel. This young Jewish girl is beginning to become part of my life. Each story, Ariela, uncovers is a part of me opening up my heart and soul. I too am excited to begin a Non-Fiction book. I am excited to be on this journey. This is something I never seen coming, but the Lord had this journey planned before I had that first book in my hand. I just want to make sure I do Him proud. I think of all that is my greatest fear. That in some way I will mess up His plan.

So, I am asking you to pray for me as I travel this journey. Pray that the Lord does the leading and I do the following. I am having such a wonderful time learning from others. God in His perfect timing has graciously given me this gift and it is my prayer that only blessings flow and in my fears I will let go and just simply let God.

I will be back next week to write and I cannot wait to share everything with you, my readers, who bless me daily! While I am away take time and browse around at my earlier posts and take a peek at my stops for blessings. There are some very gifted writers who write blogs that are listed on the right hand side of my blog. I know just taking a peek you will find that extra blessing God has for you just for today!


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