Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow! Wow! Wow! Is there any more to say? Deliver Me From Evil is the first of the Freedom Series. I anticipate seeing how this series is going to greatly touch every reader who decides to open the pages of this first book. This story is gripping, and one that touches the lives of many, not just in other countries, but in our own back yards.

This is a novel about human trafficking. In this story we find Mara, the lead character, who is caught up in the sex trade and sees no way out. This is her story. It has been ten long years for Mara. She witnesses the coming and going of many young girls. We will follow their story too. But beyond, Mara, lies a family preparing to reach out and make a difference. A young man, Jonathan, on his pizza run, sees something that will not leave his mind. This is where his story begins.

These characters were so real. You can feel the terror of these young girls and you can see the emptiness that grips them. This is one of those books that is a hard read. It is hard because it breaks your heart knowing these are true stories of girls all over this world told through fiction by Kathi.

I love picking up books that will change me in some way. Books that leave an imprint on my heart. This book does just that. As I began to read, I began to pray for those caught in this evil cycle. For many, death is at the end of this road. This is a thought provoking read that will open your eyes to what young girls and boys encounter on a daily basis as we open our newspapers each morning and sip on coffee.

Praise to Kathi for touching on a subject many will not. After reading this book you will walk away with many thoughts, but you will walk away with the question of asking yourself, "What can I do?" This book brings light to a darkness that very real. Kathi weaves together this story with grace and hope. It is one that you will love as well!

You can read the first two chapters of Deliver Me From Evil by clicking on to this link:

This book was a gift by Kathi Macias for it's review. It is released by New Hope Publishers

Here is a link to Kathi's website to read more about her and all of her work: 

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