Monday, August 25, 2014

Believing Beyond Fairy-tales and Dreaming Big

When I was a little girl I dreamed big. Now that I'm forty-seven that hasn't hasn't changed. I was that little girl with her hair hanging in her eyes as I climbed up my favorite trees. The higher I could climb, the higher my dreams soared. I never feared falling. My feet were steady as my hands reached higher and higher for limbs to take me to the clouds. 

I dreamed of finding my prince charming, wearing glass slippers, and having seven friends who were just a bit shorter than me. I loved chasing butterflies and catching toads. I would ride my bike for hours just dreaming I was off in another place and time. Nothing held me back from dreaming. 

I pretended I was a school teacher. I would pass out papers to my stuffed animals that would surround my bed as if they were sitting at a round table. I would stand with a pencil behind my ear as I took roll call. 

I could take my baton outside and toss it high into the sky, do a twirl and flip and catch it in one hand as I passed it on to the other. I was an Olympian gymnast as I flipped my way through the yard. I could take a badminton racket and pretend for hours that I was the best. I'd play handball against the brick of our house. I would try anything and giving up wasn't an option. It takes courage to dream big. Those dreams we had as children were dreams God instilled in us. They weren't just fairy-tale make believe. Sure, as kids we pretend. We use our imagination. But sadly we allow that to come to an end. Growing up doesn't mean we can't dream big anymore. 

When does that all stop for us? As kids we never limit ourselves. We dream big. We soar above the clouds and touch the stars in our dreams. We chat with the man on the moon as we wish upon a star. We pray to a God above who we know without a doubt created the world we dream in. We believe in hope and truth. We trust and we do everything with passion. Do you still dream? Do you still have passion? 

I would travel to other lands as I turned page after page. I still do that, ya know. Everyday I meet knew people and follow their journey and dream with them. 

What I know today is that God created BIG things for me. Bigger than I can ever imagine. He wants us to dream BIG and experience life to the fullest. In order for us to do that we are going to have to let go and dream! 

You know, my grand-kids make my heart soar. Peyton and Jack thinks Nana can do ANYTHING! That brings tears to my eyes just to type that. I hear them say all the time, "My Nana can do it!" Why is it that I limit myself with doubt? I cover my dreams with, "I don't think I can"? I allow fear to cloud the dreams of yesterday and often think, "It's just too late". Why do we do that? We get frustrated. We compete. We compare. We fall down. We misstep and soon we become our worst enemy. Others have faith in us. They know we can do it, but yet we question each step we make. 

Dreaming isn't just for children. There is a wide world that is filled with grandeur and majesty that holds all of God's creation. There is nothing too big for our God and what is amazing is that He wants us to experience ALL of Him and ALL that He has for us. Yes, you and me! He wants us to dream. We are to reach high above our expectations. This is where we are going to see God's beauty unfold before our eyes. 

When we keep our eyes on Jesus, wow, there are no limits to where He can take us! Live today intentionally. There is no room for regret! Dream big and experience the life God has created for you to the fullest!

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true." Richard Bach

"It’s never too late to act on your Dream!" Bruce Wilkenson

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C.S. Lewis 


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