Monday, August 4, 2014

Unconditional by Eva Marie Everson

Eva Marie Everson is a gem of a writer. She connects by going for the heart. She takes reality and makes it personal. We see the characters as our neighbors, friends, and self. This novel is heartfelt. Tragedy brings tears and emptiness, but God restores with bringing new beauty to the fill the heart that has ached for so long.

Change is evident. Some we embrace and others we want to run from. Sam was running from her pain. She wanted her ache to end, but in this precious novel we see God's perfect timing touch her life. There are no limits to what God will do to bring His children back to Him. Not only back to Him, but to know Him in a whole new way.

I found this novel riveting. It's an unputdownable for sure!! I loved Sam. Within these pages Eva created her heart in such a transparent way you could feel her ache. Somehow with the things of this world that seem to make no sense at all, God brings about a purpose to continue the walk in faith. To stay true and to trust Him in all things. We see this in the character of Joe. Oh, what a precious man! Unconditional love pours out of this man. The grace he walks in is contagious. This unconditional love is what brings Sam back to living again.

This novel is based on true events and you can even find the book, "Firebird", written by Brent McCorkie and Amy Parker, to share with children the story of God's unconditional love.

This novel was a gift from B&H Publishing for sharing my review with you. 

Eva Marie Everson was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. A seminary graduate and former nurse-turned-Christian novelist, her previous books include The Potluck Club, Things Left Unspoken, and Chasing Sunsets.


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