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Being Heavenly Focused

During the time our Savior was earth bound He met people where they were. In fact, He still does. During His ministry Jesus didn't have a home to call His own. He didn't do a 9-5 job. He didn't open His door at 9:00 and make sure the closed sign was turned at 5:00. His ministry was a 24/7 ministry. Think about that for a minute. That's a lot to chew on. While Jesus was here on earth He was all God, but He was all man. Not just a little bit of man. Not 50% of a man. He was all man. He was tempted. He grew tired. His feet became dirty. I imagine there in the dessert He was a sweaty mess at times. He grew hungry and He grew of thirst.
As He walked this earth, He continued to meet people where they were. He went to the people. Yes, He met them on their turf. He went out of His way to meet people. Do we do that?Can you envision the feeding of the 5,000? Can you see Him with the Samaritan woman at the well? Jesus went out of His way to make Himself available. Even when He…

The Woman's Study Bible by Thomas Nelson

Thomas Nelson has this amazing Signature Series. Through this series I have been blessed to review many outstanding Bibles. The latest to arrive is The Woman's Study Bible. There are many great study Bibles out there. If your searching for a study directed at women this is your Bible!
The opening for each Book of the Bible is detailed with the title, author, date, background, themes and outline. The maps are bright and helpful. The concordance is one of the best I have seen. That is always a helpful tool to have in Bible study. It also includes an added index for all the special features.
There are quotes from women: "The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian. The fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman." Elizabeth Elliot 
"Women should do less. Less of what we want, more of what God wants." Cindy Lewis Dake
"Living by faith is not easy, but it is essential. It is the only weapon for adversity that cann…

HCSB Study Bible published by Holman

If you are searching for the perfect study Bible the HCSB Study Bible is the best of the best! I received this hardback version for review  and it is magnificent in every way. This is a beautiful Bible inside and out. This is the first color Bible I have ever owned. It adds so much to the reading of the Word. It's inviting and astounding. I have loved just sitting and turning page after page in amazement.
With each new  Book of the Bible there is an extensive outline. The maps are surreal and lively. The Word is printed clearly and precise. It is easy to understand. I have read through the NIV, the Message, NKJV, NLT and many more. This is the ultimate Bible when it comes to understanding and study. This Bible is in depth. It covers everything imaginable and brings you to being encouraged to study the Word daily. Seriously, you open this Bible and you can't get enough.
I love the color photos. There is even a Greek study! Throughout the Bible you uncover the meaning of the …

What Is Your Someday?

What is your someday? Oh, we all have them, don't we? When is the last time you pondered your someday?
Someday I will go to Paris.
Someday I will go visit my aunt.
Someday I will write that book.
Someday I will call my sister.
Someday I will purchase my mom a gift.
Someday I will seek out my daughter.
Someday I will tell my dad I'm sorry.
Someday I will go to church.
Someday I will find out what all this faith stuff is.
Someday I will..fill in the blank. What is your someday that is waiting? You know what happens to those somedays? They never come. Sure, we ponder them, but it ends there. We think we have more time. We see it as not important for today, but what happens when our someday gets lost in yesterday?
We all have somedays.
Someday I will ask her to marry me.
Someday I will go for that promotion.
Someday I will spend more time with my mom.
Someday I will take more time with my children.
You know what happens? Time passes and our children grow up. Mom passes …

Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible NKJV By Thomas Nelson

Wow! First I must give a huge thank you to Thomas Nelson for giving me the opportunity to review such a spectacular Bible. I was over the top excited with the UPS man brought this package to my door. I opened it and boy, I've had a hard time closing it. In fact, I have left it open on my bed. Each time I walk past it I steal another few minutes diving into the Word.
Charles Stanley is filled with wisdom. The Spirit is moving through this man of God to bring the Word to the world. I have certainly learned from the wisdom of this wonderful man. If your searching for a new Bible this would be a great choice. I have also been blessed to review the Life Lessons Bible from Max Lucado, also printed by Thomas Nelson. Friends, these are two magnificent Bibles. Bibles that have broadened my vision of the Word of God and has brought clarity on many subjects.
When you open the Life Principles Bible you get exactly what you would expect from Charles Stanley. Superb and poignant! This Bible c…

Lord, Help Me To Uncover True Worship Inside The Church

As Christians we keep things in, don't we? We hide our emotions as we raise our hands in praise. As we sing hymns of old, our hearts are burdened with hurts that isn't all well with our soul. We learn to put on a plastic smile as we shake hands during meet and greet. We attend church each Sunday hoping for more and settling for less.
We walk through the church doors broken in search of healing. We are lonely and looking for something to fill the emptiness we feel. We see the altar and only want to leave it all there. The anger and bitterness. The brokenness and chains that bind us to our sins we keep hidden. All we want is to find what the Lord promises. Hope, faith and love.
I found all of those almost twenty-one years ago as I entered the church I would soon call home. I found the family and friends that would encourage me straight to Jesus and a life with Him. This church grew me. I entered broken and bruised. Lost and searching. I am the woman I am today in part because…

Victim of Grace (When God's Goodness Prevails) by Robin Jones Gunn

When your in a book store and your eyes are traveling up and down the shelves, what is it that catches your attention? A name? A book cover? Maybe the subject? Robin Jones Gunn is one of those eye catching authors. I see her name and I grab up the book. I may even just drop everything and sit in the aisle of the book store and read for a bit. Yes, I have been known to do so with great enjoyment. Victim of Grace is one of those books!
Robin's latest book is more than an eye catcher. It's a heart changer. The cover is inviting. The title inquisitive. I can honestly tell you I loved this book from beginning, middle and end. As I read I often had to stop and ponder the words before my eyes. This is Robin's story. A story of grace and how the Lord has moved in her life through circumstance to show her His mercies new daily.
At first I wondered about the title, "Victim of Grace". Does anyone really want to be known as a victim? I mean we see that word and think weak…

A Life Of Faith Has All The Makings For Ministry

We often think of a ministry belonging to pastors or missionaries. If we walk in faith and are believers, friends, we have a ministry. Our ministry is our family, our friends, our local community, our place of employment,  and those we meet daily. Yes, our ministry reaches all those who walk in our path. Ministry is reaching out to others in love. As we minister to those around us we share the love of Christ through our actions and we share the gospel through our words. Through ministry we accomplish the calling Christ has given each of us. Through our ministry we use the gifts He has bestowed upon us to bring praise and glory to His holy name. Knowing our calling, using our gifts, we can reach the world together.

Are you a momma who stays home with your children? There is your ministry. Do you also work outside the home from 9-5? Those you encounter at work are part of your ministry. Are you a school teacher? A farmer? A grandparent? Our ministry begins right at home with our famil…

Life Is More Than Just A Passing Grade

Back in high school my priorities were not getting good grades. I simply did enough just to pass. Oh, I could have done more. I began as an A student. The work was easy, but I just wasn't into work, so I simply did enough to get by. I'm gonna open up from that raw spot now. I didn't finish school. I was bored with it. So, I quit. After quiting I got my GED rather quickly. I aced my GED and received a scholarship to go to UMSL. You would think the logical reaction would be, sign me up! But no, I did the total opposite. I thought, "Who in their right mind wants to go to college for four years?" Hello, most would have jumped for joy and readied for a career, but not this girl. Nope, I wasn't concerned with school. Again, I was the girl who did just enough to get by. I'm not quite sure where that logic came from. But this is what my young adult life reflected. (Praise Jesus, we are a work in progress!)
I grabbed that GED and headed straight for Cosmetology …

Chasing Francis (A Pilgrim's Tale) by Ian Morgan Cron

The latest book on my review shelf is, "Chasing Francis", by Ian Morgan Cron. This work was first published in 2006 and is due to release again May 7. In reading the back cover you get the gist of the book. Pastor Chase Falson is going through the motions. He is beginning to question everything he has been taught. The church is seeing this change occur in their pastor and they too are questioning his motives. Nothing is making sense. The church asks Chase to leave until he can get it together. He is off to spend time with his uncle in Italy. On his visit there he learns the teachings of Saint Francis.
I opened this book not really prepared for what I was about to uncover myself. Ever question yourself, "Is this all there is?" I have. Leaving church I too have wondered, "There has to be more." As we take this journey with Pastor Chase we come to see that when the heart leaves behind the things of this world and searches for nothing but Jesus, you find Him…

A Circumstance of Faith

April 20th is a day that will forever be just a memory away. It's the day my dad died. He had battled cancer for a year. That was twenty-seven years ago and at times I can recall it just as if were yesterday. I was nineteen when my dad died. Only nineteen. That was a life changing moment for me. In years I was a woman, but in so many ways I was still a little girl in need of her daddy. My life went spiraling out of control.
So, in April of this year when my mom got a call from her doctor it sent me back all those years ago. My mom had gone in for her check up. An x-ray showed something unusual. She was sent for a CT scan. The days waiting for the results were difficult. I'm much older than nineteen now, but when this is your parent, I don't think your age matters what bit. Your still scared. Just as when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer I tried to be strong. I'm not really sure I ever cried in front of my parents that entire year.
My mom was nervous. In her min…

You Just Gotta Have It!

My husband has beautiful feet. I look at his feet with envy. How many of you ladies are with me? Yes, my husband's feet are prettier than mine. My heals are cracked. I'm telling you if one wasn't careful you could fall in those cracks and never be found. My husband says my feet should be labeled as deadly weapons. Okay, I may laugh about my cracked heals, but they are so cracked that at times they are downright painful.
I was watching a program a few weeks back and seen a miracle cream for all. I just knew it was too good to be true. A dermatologist was saying, "Yes, this is a magical cure for just about everything." I was intrigued and curious. So, I gathered myself together, and headed out to get some Aquaphor. I came home and was so excited to apply this cream to my elephant heals. I stand before you today and I can proudly say that after using this stuff for just two weeks my feet are looking just as purdy as my hubs feet! Yes, I am won over by this miracle …

Desert Temptations

Are you waking this morning already battling temptation? Temptation is everywhere, isn't it? Even before I crawl out of bed my thoughts cause me to say, "Whoa, where did that come from?" I don't care what anyone says, we all struggle with temptation. Each and every one of us battle Satan on a daily basis. He knows us well. You know, unlike Christ, Satan cannot be everywhere at one time. Think about that. So, how does he get all his meanness done? He has help. There is spiritual warfare going on all around us. If we could actually see the battles taking place all around us we would rethink the special effects of the next action flick we see.  
We pray for His protection. I pray a hedge of protection around my family daily. I pray they are guarded by the Holy Spirit every moment of the day. It's important that we pray the will of God. We can become so busy that we leave that prayer for later when we have time. Prayer is powerful. Speaking the Word of God is power.