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You Just Gotta Have It!

My husband has beautiful feet. I look at his feet with envy. How many of you ladies are with me? Yes, my husband's feet are prettier than mine. My heals are cracked. I'm telling you if one wasn't careful you could fall in those cracks and never be found. My husband says my feet should be labeled as deadly weapons. Okay, I may laugh about my cracked heals, but they are so cracked that at times they are downright painful.

I was watching a program a few weeks back and seen a miracle cream for all. I just knew it was too good to be true. A dermatologist was saying, "Yes, this is a magical cure for just about everything." I was intrigued and curious. So, I gathered myself together, and headed out to get some Aquaphor. I came home and was so excited to apply this cream to my elephant heals. I stand before you today and I can proudly say that after using this stuff for just two weeks my feet are looking just as purdy as my hubs feet! Yes, I am won over by this miracle cream. My heals are so smooth. No more getting lost in those ugly cracks.

What won me over was the truth being told about the product. I could hear from others who have used it that it did wonders for different ailments from diaper rash to eye cream. People were astonished. This stuff has been around for years. I had seen it on the shelf and I had always just passed it up. Just a little goes a long way. I am now telling everyone about this cream. I've told friends they must go out and get some for themselves. I mean after trying it and seeing just how fantastic it is, how could I not share with others?

Last night while laying in bed I proudly pointed to my feet and said, "Take a look at these beauties! Your not the only one with pretty feet anymore!" My husband laughs, but he has to agree. He says, "That must be some good stuff your using".

So now I have something I feel everyone needs to be using. I sat down and pondered a few things. I'm so excited over this cream that I am willing to make a fool out of myself so others will try it too. Where is my excitement to share Jesus? Why am I not calling everyone I know and telling them about His miracle called grace? When it comes to sharing Jesus I can come up with every excuse under the sun. I wouldn't want to offend anyone. Okay, so I'm concerned about the callused and rough heals across the world, but what about the callused and hurting hearts in need of healing?

Just has these women won me over with the truth about this product, I too need to win people to Jesus with the Truth. I know of His love. His grace is evident in my life. I have seen what our God can do. Think about it. Our lives are a platform for share Jesus. We can be walking billboards pointing everyone to knowing the Savior that has changed our lives.

It's okay to be excited over something great. We get excited over many things, but shouldn't we be even more excited to share Jesus? We are in a time and place in history where it's easier than ever to share everything. On Facebook all we have to do is hit a like or share button and it goes to all our friends.

Our lives are a living testimony of Jesus Christ. Our walk will either bring others closer to Christ or lead them farther away. We share great recipes with others. We share great books that touched our hearts. We tell others about a new restaurant we enjoyed. Movies, television programs, products, ect.. The list goes on and on. Our excitement is alive for all sorts of things from concerts to sports. We stand and cheer. We celebrate victory.

Friends, victory is coming when our friends and family are won to Christ. Victory comes when we live in such a way that our lives make an impact for Christ. We need to share Jesus more than ever. As each day passes He is another day closer to coming. Do we really have time to rest? If we are excited about Jesus and what He has done and is doing in our lives, then we too should be excited to share with others.

Is Christ calling you to share with someone, but your afraid of offending? Don't be fearful of sharing Jesus. Share Him through an example of your life. Should we really be concerned if we offend someone? I would rather they be offended that I stepped out in faith to share Jesus with them now, than for them to be offended later when it's too late and they are left asking, "Why didn't you share Jesus with me?"

Share Jesus through the gifts you have been given. Those gifts are not just for our use, but they are to bring glory and honor to God. Be bold in Christ. He is worth sharing. People want to hear about Him. They want to hear your witness. They want to see the Truth in your life. People can tell whether something is fake or real. Jesus is the real deal. We just need to be the vessel in sharing His goodness with others.

"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:13


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